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Label applicators

Are you looking to expand and streamline your operations as you bring products to market? Whether you want to automate your labeling process, reduce labeling costs or improve the consistency of your operations, the right label applicator can help.

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What are label applicators?

Label applicators are machines used to apply pressure-sensitive labels directly to product containers, bottles, packages or drums. Rolls of labels are loaded into the applicators, then applied to the products. There are two general categories of applicators, those that apply pre-printed labels and those that print information directly onto the labels and then apply them to products.

Inline 5100 Labeling Machine

The Label-Aire Model 5100 Automatic Inline Labelling Machine combines a user-friendly operator interface with advanced features to make labeling easier, faster, and more affordable. Label-Aire is a leading manufacturer of application equipment, and the 5100 is one of many Label-Aire machines we distribute. The 5100 Series can be outfitted with any Label-Aire 3100 series applicators to use any of the common automatic application methods (wipe-on, air-blow or tamp-blow).

Typically, brands using professional product labels have them printed by a label manufacturer, who then coordinates the label printing to match an apply-only label application system.

Types of label applicators

There are three primary types of label applicators, all of which can be set up to support either an apply-only or a print-and-apply system:

  • Integrated automated label applicators
  • Stand-alone labelers
  • Semi-automated applicators

Integrated, automated label applicators within product handling systems

Today, new label applicators have emerged to cost-effectively automate or streamline the labeling process. An integrated, automated label applicator is a turnkey solution that’s pre-built and fully integrated into a manufacturer’s product handling system. In these setups, products move along a conveyor, where a label applicator head then applies the labels. They can use either an in-line mode of operation, wherein products are automatically placed on the conveyor, or an off line mode of operation, wherein they’re manually placed on the conveyor for labeling.

Label Applicator

The Label-Aire Model 3115-NV Wipe-On Primary Applicator is a label applicator that fits onto your automated application equipment, such as Label-Aire’s 5100 series. It uses the traditional and versatile wipe-on application system that makes labeling easy for a wide range of pressure-sensitive label applications.

Semi-automated applicators

A semi-automated label applicator is a machine that has an operator place a product into a fixture or jig assembly then apply the label using a foot pedal or sensor located within the machine.

Standalone label applicators

A standalone label applicator is simply a labeling assembly. It can be integrated with an existing or third party product handling system and may include a portable head mount or be installed directly onto a conveyor or another machine.

Label Applicator from Label-Aire

The Label-Aire Model 3111-NV Air-Blow Primary Applicator offers speed, precision, reliability, and ease of use. It fits on automated label application machines and uses high-speed air-blow labeling, a flexible alternative to wipe-on labeling that’s perfect for paper labels and coupons.

Key considerations when selecting a label applicator

When you invest in a label application system, you’ll want to ensure that it matches up properly with your product and operation. Some key considerations include:

  • Product surface — your applicator must account for the surface, whether its flat, concave, convex or otherwise
  • Label sizes — it must fit the width, length and shape of your labels
  • Label materials — it must work with whichever materials you select, whether paper, film, foil or another construction
  • Application rate — it must meet your speed requirements, measured in products per minute (ppm)
  • Accuracy requirements — it must fit your tolerances for label placement
  • Location of label — it must be able to apply the label to the correct part of your product (top, side, bottom)

Label Applicators from Resource Label Group

The Label-Aire Model 3114 Tamp-Blow is a label applicator that offers tremendous versatility for a wide range of pressure-sensitive labels. It fits with a range of automated application machines and uses the tamp-blow application method, which is similar to the air-blow method and is particularly useful for smaller labels.

We’re a full-service labeling system distributor and installer

We’re experienced in a variety of labeling systems and are one of the largest authorized distributors of Label-Aire label application equipment.

Our professional sales staff will help you find the perfect solution for all of your label application needs. Our factory-trained service technicians can work on installations, training, preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, parts and support for your application needs.

We’ll ensure you get the perfect application solution for your operation with a system that’s:

  • Efficient
  • Durable
  • Cost-effective
  • Accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Sensible for your environment
  • Able to meet your speed requirements
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