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Evaluating shrink sleeve material options

Choosing the proper shrink sleeve material once you’ve decided on the labeling method is crucial. Proper material selection will ensure your applied sleeve label delivers desired product differentiation, and remains attractive as you’ve designed it to be. Thorough research will help verify that your shrink sleeve material meets cost and performance requirements that may be […]... View article »

Key advantages of shrink sleeve labels for bottles

Shrink sleeves are quickly gaining popularity as an ideal label for many products across multiple industries. As shrink sleeve converting and application technology has become more mainstream, the graphic design versatility, coupled with creative marketing enabled by container shape creates product differentiation that can be leveraged by many consumer goods companies. Whether a food, beverage, […]... View article »

Navigating the bottle label applicator market

Choosing the right bottle label applicator can seriously benefit your bottom line. These machines enable the user to drastically cut the time spent on labeling, allowing for greater production speeds and creating more inventory that’s ready to move right now. Bottle label applicators allow users to insert cylindrical containers—medicine bottles, water bottles, beer bottles, etc.—where […]... View article »

The other green market – cannabis labels

Legal marijuana sales are expected to hit $6.7 billion in 2016, with the market expected to climb to $21.8 billion in sales by 2020. As legal cannabis sales rise, cannabis labels are quickly becoming one of the fastest growing markets for label manufacturers. An industry gaining legitimacy Since California first legalized medical marijuana in 1996, […]... View article »

Food packaging labels

Purchasing food packaging labels is an investment in your product and brand. The right label drives sales, builds recognition with customers and delivers a tangible return on investment. To meet these goals, your label must: Catch shoppers’ eyes and distinguish your product on store shelves Convey the value of your product to customers Create a […]... View article »

Ingredient labels

Interested in quality ingredient labels and meet regulations that don’t compromise your branding, budget or schedule? First, it’s important to understand what’s required of you. Understanding regulatory requirements Listing ingredients is a legal requirement for many products, from foods to bath and beauty goods, cosmetics and more. The FDA has published detailed and thorough guides […]... View article »

Taking an indoor label outside — with an international partner

One of our repeat clients is a producer of popular lawn and garden products, including pesticides. With placement in many retail stores nationwide, their pesticides — like many other products — face a range of fluctuating requirements from distribution partners. Our client needed an updated label when some of their prominent retailers, including Wal-Mart and K-Mart, decided to move their […]... View article »

Designing a seamlessly integrated IRC label

One of our best repeat clients is an advisory firm specializing in project management and procurement for marketing campaigns. When managing a promotion for a well-known personal care brand’s product, they once again came to Resource Label Group. This time, for both custom label design and printing. The challenge The personal care brand, enlisting the help of […]... View article »

Turning a unique design into a successful promotion

One of our clients is a renowned project management and procurement firm specializing in marketing campaigns. Their focus on passion and people makes them a worldwide leader in managing timelines, budgets and vendor coordination for promotional marketing projects. When managing a project for an internationally known hair care product brand, they turned to Resource Label Group to provide crucial label […]... View article »

Saving money by design

One of the most trusted lawn and garden product manufacturers came to us for help with their labels. They produce a whole line of pesticides and plant foods to protect yards and gardens. With customers ranging from homeowners to trade professionals and master gardeners, our client takes pride in providing not just pesticides, but also reliability and peace of […]... View article »