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5 Previously impossible beer can design ideas

Posted on June 9th, 2015

Eye-popping finishes, bold lettering and tactile finishes. For the first time, they’re all possible. Today, labels can bring your beer can design ideas and your brand story to life. And you can connect your carefully crafted brew with your customers to drive awareness and lasting loyalty. Download our brewer’s guide to labeling and discover ways to tell your brand’s story through an effective label.

Overcoming traditional beer can design limitations

For many years, beer can labels have been limited in design flexibility. There have long been only two options for beer can design — shrink sleeves and pre-printed cans. Made of specialty printed film, shrink sleeves are slipped over cans then tightened using heat-shrinking. Pre-printed cans are created by printing designs directly on aluminum cans. With the exception of some recent novelties, like re-sealable aluminum bottles and extra openings on cans, there’s been little design progress. Until today. A new beer can label product, Brew Wrap, lets you add almost any design customization to your label.

What is Brew Wrap?

Brew Wrap is a pressure-sensitive label for full beer cans. A cost-effective custom beer label option, particularly for craft beers, Brew Wrap is used for smaller orders of beer can labels. Since it’s applied by pressing it onto beer cans — think of it as an adhesive sticker label — Brew Wrap allows for the use of on-press design customizations. Here’s what you can do with this new label technology.


1. Add contrast to your beer can design

Traditional beer can design options have limited color options to one level of brightness and gloss. But Brew Wrap lets you create combination matte-gloss finishes. That means you can highlight specific areas of your label and add visual interest to branding and promotion elements. Any finish is now possible.

2. Use any color

Unlike shrink sleeves and pre-printed cans, Brew Wrap lets you add fluorescent colors to your custom beer label. Create a versatile label with bright colors that make your can stand out.

3. Add a premium luster

Brew Wrap allows for specialty label design customizations like foil stamping. You can add a shimmer in any color to catch attention and communicate the craft you put into your brew.

4. Go with a 360-degree beer can design

Shrink sleeve labels, on both bottles and beer cans, leave a noticeable seam. Use Brew Wrap to give your can full, 360-degree design coverage. This opens up more design possibilities because you don’t have to consider the seam and break your beer can design into sections. Instead, you can use one continuous design all the way around the can.

5. Use a tactile beer label design

Why stop with visual design embellishments? With Brew Wrap, you can create tactile labels and give your customers a more complete in-store product experience. Separate your beer with a label finish you can feel.

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Beer labels explained

Beer labels should display the essence of your brand and the story of the product. Download this guide to learn about the range of labeling options and how to maximize visual storytelling for your beer label.

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