Beer can labels
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Brew Wrap labels for beer cans

Beer can labels

Beer can labels are an important element of your product. They help you make your brand stand out in stores, tell your story and build lasting relationships with your customers. At Resource Label Group, we work with brewers to provide custom beer labels that drive sales. And we’ve developed Brew Wrap, our specialty solution for craft beer can labels.

Brew Wrap: a beer can label for craft brewers

Brew Wrap is an innovative beer can label that improves design, reduces costs and streamlines logistics for craft brewers. Previously not in the market, it’s a pressure-sensitive label for full beer cans.

Why use Brew Wrap for beer can labels?

In short, Brew Wrap makes beer can labels more affordable, which can make using beer cans financially feasible. And beer cans offer many advantages over bottles, including:

  • Reduced shopping and storage costs. They’re stackable, take up less space in shipping containers and can be loaded in larger quantities.
  • Resistance to UV light. This lowers the risk of product spoilage.
  • 360-degree designer coverage. In an era when beer packaging design is at a peak, more real estate for telling your brand story can make a difference in store aisles.
  • Elimination of broken glass. This makes for easier shipping and storage, too, not to mention a lowered risk of product loss.

But until now, pre-printed cans and shrink sleeves have long been the only design options for beer cans. Pre-printed cans are only cost-effective in orders of more than 150,000 cans, while individual shrink sleeves are expensive and limit design options. Since Brew Wrap provides total design flexibility and a low unit cost in small orders, it’s a great solution for craft brewers needing to produce small batches and seasonal brews.

The benefits of Brew Wrap for beer can labels

Brew Wrap provides a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Major cost savings. Brew Wrap costs significantly less per unit than shrink sleeves, and it’s available in as big or as small an order as you like.
  • Up to 2x faster turnaround. Compared to shrink sleeves, this pressure-sensitive label solution applies at a much faster rate, allowing you to get more product out the door.
  • Better logistical control. Since Brew Wrap labels are applied on filled beer cans, you can order the exact number of labels you need instead of basing your orders on estimates of how many cans you’ll fill with beer.
  • Greater design capabilities. Brew Wrap cost-efficiently provides otherwise impossible or expensive beer can label customizations, such as foil stamping, tactile labels and combination matte-gloss finishes  to further differentiate your product on the shelf.

We help you tell your story on your beer can label

With our comprehensive offering, including Brew Wrap, we’re a leader in craft beer can labels. We can use many solutions to help your beer stand out in stores, tell your story and engage your customers. And our experienced team is here to guide you through the label process.

We take the time to get to know your product, provide custom label design and find the best solutions to create that just-right label. Brewers looking for labeling direction should download our brewer’s guide to labeling here. You’ll discover ways to tell your brand’s story through the label’s design and more.

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