Custom die-cut labels
Design versatility to
meet the demands of
almost any application

Every label is a die-cut label, but not every label utilizes a custom die. Your labels begin their life when your artwork is printed on a large roll of uncut label material. A “die cut” is achieved by using a metal die tool to cut your label shape into the roll. It may help to visualize a cookie cutter. But die-cut labels require extreme precision– the tool must cut through the label material and stop before it cuts through the underlying label liner.

With tens of thousands of die cutting tools in stock, we often have the size and shape you need for your specific label project. Standard label shapes are squares, rectangles, circles, and ovals, and we stock the most common sizes to fit virtually any container.

Custom die-cut labels require a new die cutting tool, which adds some production time and an additional cost to your project. Even if your labels use a common shape, they may be an uncommon size. We will often recommend the closest die size we have in our inventory to save you money, especially when the size difference between your specifications and our tooling is minimal. Truly custom shapes on the other hand, such as asymmetrical shapes, and shapes sized to fit specific unique containers, will almost always require a new die. By using the dieline from your label artwork, we can customize your die-cut labels to fit your application perfectly.

Ideal markets for custom die-cut labels

Because custom die-cut labels can be printed with almost any technique and cut in any shape, they have near limitless applications, such as:

  • Promotional
    Promotional labels require a high level of customization, and die-cut labels deliver. We can use almost any printing technique in order to match your desired aesthetic, and we can customize the shape of your labels to the promotional artwork. You can even vary the artwork on each label using variable data printing (VDP) technology. To learn more about promotional label options, click here.
  • Food and beverage
    Durability and shelf appeal are paramount with food labels. Die-cut labels are unlikely to peel from the container because of the rounded edges, and with our custom cutting technology, we can create a label shape that perfectly fits your design. To learn more about food and beverage labels, click here.
  • Health and beauty
    The adhesives in health and beauty labels must be durable enough to resist the oil and moisture present in many toiletries without wrinkling or tearing. We can tailor our wide range of die-cut label solutions to not only fit the container, but its intended application as well. To learn more about health and beauty products, click here.
  • Enhanced & Interactive
    We can embed RFID tags directly into your custom die-cut labels, making them ideal for big-box retailers looking to track their products and enhance security. To learn more about RFID labels, click here. We can add NFC tags to your custom die-cut labels to create a dynamic interaction with your users. Click here to learn more about NFC labels.
  • Multipurpose
    Die-cut labels are relevant to practically every market: pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, automotive and many others. By varying the printing technique, die-cut labels can be used for almost any product or purpose. Whatever your specific needs, we can help you select the right printing technique and label construction for your labels.

Our custom die-cut label capabilities

Resource Label Group is equipped to provide any custom die-cut label solution under the tightest budgets and shortest lead times. Through close relationships with material suppliers, we’re able to offer you a vast selection of substrates, foil, adhesives, inks and other materials to match your component’s needs.

And, with a full suite of state-of-the-art printing technologies, we can customize die-cut labels to meet the demands of any application with the highest level of consistency, quality and durability. Our most valuable solution, though, is our end-to-end service. We have a consultative approach to label printing meaning we’ll work with you from the beginning to develop a label construction that perfectly fits its application.

To talk with our experienced team about your specific labeling challenges —and how to overcome them— request an obligation-free consultation today.