Safety and Warning Labels
Stay aware of dangerous
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Safety and Warning Labels

Safety and warning labels are a necessity for keeping consumers and employees aware of any dangerous situations that may arise. Whether it’s unsafe aspects of work equipment or a product itself, clearly identified and legible safety and warning labels will keep those susceptible, aware of the potential hazards.

The real challenge is if you have a label going onto a surface that adhesives find difficult such as powder coated parts and elements that see temperature extremes. Additionally, any environments that result in exposure to varying temperatures and UV light will negatively affect the label.

Buying a stock, off-the-shelf label for a special-need application will likely result in a label failure. Our job is to understand the application and its environment to make sure we help you choose a label construction that will last on the product it’s intended to live on.

What are the benefits of safety and warning labels from Resource Label Group?

The major benefit of a safety and warning label from Resource Label Group is our ability to construct a long-lasting label specific your application. Our customization efforts result in the continued protection of consumers through clearly legible and visually noticeable labels.

Working with us will guarantee your label specifications are met. Additionally, we can provide guidance to ensure your labels are compliant with ANSI, OSHA and ISO standards. Our configurable options will take your label beyond a simple message and incorporate the necessary designs and information you are looking to achieve. Resource Label Group will make the label exactly to your specifications and will provide guidance through every step of the process.

For those requirements that need multiple languages or multiple symbols on different labels, we can also run them as sets in some cases – saving on tooling costs and set up.

Printing options

When designing your label, it’s important to adhere to ANSI Z534.4 guidelines concerning product safety signs and labels. The guidelines have specifications for design, application, use and placement of the labels on a wide variety of products.

Safety and warning labels typically consist of a signal word panel, message panel and safety symbol panel. When designing your label:

  1. Indicate whether your label is horizontal or vertical and provide the width and length dimensions in inches
  2. Specify the label material required or discuss with label experts at Resource Label Group the material possibilities to ensure the labels function
  3. Indicate “Signal Words” to be used according to the severity of the hazard. Example: DANGER
  4. Specify text required in the “Word Message Panel” of the label. The word message panel should be concise, readily understood and should communicate:
  • The nature of the hazard. Example: Hot Surface
  • The consequences of the hazard. Example: Can Cause Severe Burns
  • The means of avoiding the hazard. Example: Use Protective Gloves
  1. Specify whether an “identifier” is needed. The identifier is usually a part number and is optional for ANSI (required for SEMI).
  2. ANSI Z535.4 also makes allowances for special situations where modified formats may be desirable, such as:
  • Two panel labels without a symbol
  • Multilingual formats
  • Multiple Hazard formats
  • Multiple symbol panels

How we help you

We are experts in label manufacturing and can create customized safety and warning labels specifically for your application. This level of configuration protects you from receiving a label that looks good but may not function in its intended purpose. Our team is constantly receiving updated information from ANSI, OSHA and ISO and committing the old and new standards to memory. We have also completed numerous safety and warning label constructions for challenging applications.

There are companies that make boilerplate safety labels, and often, they can’t accommodate if someone wants to include certain symbols into other parts of the label. What we do is customized configurations for these “common labels.”

Here at Resource Label Group, we have an application review worksheet. It’s a checklist to ask questions about all of the requirements concerning the safety and warning label. If a customer reaches out to us, our team would ask a series of questions and take the customer through the whole process. The worksheet asks questions about the platform, materials and critical quality. This information is critical, particularly questions concerning the environment the label will live in and the surface it will adhere to.

It is important that we receive the proper information upfront when working on a new order. Often, Resource Label Group may receive a drawing for a label order that won’t include the requirements for the particular kind of safety or warning label. The design doesn’t include color specifications like safety red or caution colors and unless the label house has the experience, it may be difficult to know the exact colors needed. Our team at Resource Label Group can take a more active role in designing safety and warning labels. If we’re given the symbol and the message, we can design a label with our understanding of the elements that will be present.

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