Household chemical lables
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Household chemical labels

Household chemical labels must catch consumers’ eyes on competitive store shelves and meet all the rigorous standards of hazardous chemical products. It takes a special level of printing flexibility to deliver quality household chemical labels. With a complete offering of printing capabilities, we serve you from estimation to delivery and bring you that just-right label.

Household chemical labels designed for the home

Over the course of a product lifecycle, household chemical labels see constant handling and heavy-duty use. Since they must legally contain safety information and product-use guidelines, your labels need to be legible for as long as your product is used. That’s why we offer a range of durable label solutions, such as:

  • Label inks and coatings that keep your label easy to read by resisting fading or blurring when exposed to product chemicals and sun
  • Specialty adhesives and high-performance label materials that stand up to UV light and product chemicals
  • Film labels that resist chemical spills
  • Laminate finishes that protect labels and give them a shine

No matter what kind of household chemical you make, we’ll find a label solution that fits it and lasts through your product’s full lifecycle.

Customizing your household chemical labels

Durability is only part of the equation. We also help you make a strong impression with your customer through capabilities like:

  • Extended Content Labels (ECLs) that let you pack lengthy regulatory information onto your product and maximize your branding.
  • Full-spectrum color printing that allow you to create any color combination on your label
  • Special effects like embossing, foil stamping, tactile labels and more that allow you to have a truly unique label and container

With the capabilities to bring your vision to life, we guide you to selecting the best materials, adhesives and designs for your label.

Household chemical labels that come with custom service

Our household chemical labels will catch eyes in stores and stand up to harsh use. We provide custom label design to help you achieve the right look, and we back it with printing expertise to provide the right materials and printing method for your budget and timeline. With service from pre-press to delivery, we’re there with you through every step in the label creation process.