Beverage Labels
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Custom beverage labels

Quality custom beverage labels are eye-catching, cling to your bottle in various environments and survive condensation and moisture unchanged. And the best ones carry your brand seamlessly onto your product to make you a recognizable presence on store shelves.

Types of beverage labels

The type of beverage label you choose is heavily impacted by your container. Depending on what kind of drink you produce, you may opt for a glass bottle, carton, plastic bottle or aluminum can.

There are many options for both glass, plastic and aluminum bottles. Some of the most popular include:

Other options are available as well. At Resource Label Group, we guide you in selecting the best type of label and adhesive depending on your budget, design and the environment your beverage must survive. We can even incorporate tamper-evident features directly into your sleeve or label.

If you can your beverage in smaller quantities, you may be interested in our pressure-sensitive Brew Wrap labels — a more cost-effective option than traditional shrink sleeves. Though used primarily for craft beer cans, Brew Wrap is a great solution for many beverages.

Key considerations when purchasing custom beverage labels

When procuring beverage labels, you’ll first need to take several key factors into account:

  • The custom branding, label design and the color options you want
  • The size and shape dimensions of your label
  • Government-mandated information that must be on your label
  • The storage conditions your label must face
  • Your budget and the turnaround times you need to meet
  • The number of unique designs you need printed and the quantity of each design

These key pieces of information determine the kind of label you order. Once you have gathered these pieces of information about your beverage label, you’ll decide on the best:

  • Label stock
  • Label adhesive
  • Printing method (digital or flexographic)
  • Visual effects that make your beverage more interesting

Selecting your label

To select your label stock, adhesive and printing method, you’ll need to know whether your products will be stored indoors or outside as well as how much water and sunlight exposure they’ll face. The three common label stock options include paper, film and foil. Paper is the traditional and usually least expensive option, but it isn’t best suited for moisture exposure and humidity. Film labels are highly durable and water resistant, while foil label stock is a premium solution that provides an eye-catching, metallic look. Depending on the branding you’d like to create, we offer a wide range of face stock options within each category. And we can provide textured papers or premium materials too.

Selecting the best label adhesive depends on the durability or special requirements of your product. If you need a removable label, you’ll need a specialty adhesive that peels away without leaving a residue. If you want a permanent label, you may need a specialty adhesive that stands up to the moisture, condensation and humidity common in beverages storage areas.

For your printing method, you can choose digital or flexographic. Digital printing is used to cost-effectively process short runs and create a stunning, photographic-quality appearance, while flexographic label printing allows us to economically handle the largest orders and add any customization you like. The quantity of labels and number of unique designs you need will determine the best printing method.

Our capabilities

No matter how you envision your product label’s final appearance, we have the capabilities to turn your idea into reality. We’ve printed labels for coffees, juices, water bottles, beers, sodas, health beverages, sports drinks, niche, specialty beverages and more. Whether you picture a bold, no-label look or a bright, colorful bottle, we’ll guide you to the right designs, materials and printing methods to achieve the beverage label you want. Our custom beverage label capabilities include:

  • Foil labels to create a premium elegance throughout your whole label or select elements you want to feature
  • Embossing to give your label decorative highlights and attention-grabbing texture in a gloss or matte finish
  • Custom die cuts so you can get any size or shape label
  • Custom promotional labels for targeted markets and regions
  • And many more options

We can use any label printing method to accommodate your order. No matter what process we use, we’ll ensure you achieve a just-right beverage label that gets your message across and distinguishes your product.

Getting that perfect label

Choosing from the many design possibilities and printing materials to create the perfect label can get complex. We’re ready for the challenge. Our team can design and print your beverage label or bring your existing label design to life with an array of printing options. With our full-scale national reach and dedicated, local service, we’ve helped brands nationwide get eye-catching products on the shelves. Whether you have a tight timeline or require many label shapes and sizes, we have the team and capabilities to provide you the highest quality labels. From concept to delivery, we’ll walk you through every step of the label process and ensure you get precisely the right label.

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