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Custom chemical labels

We provide a robust selection of label solutions for the commercial and household chemical markets. Whether you’re selling retail or commercial chemicals, we help you distinguish your brand and make a strong impression on your customer with custom chemical labels. Our experienced team has printed labels for regional and national brands, and we’ve delivered thousands of labels that meet regulatory requirements.

Ensuring compliance without limiting your brand on custom chemical labels

Many chemical products must meet rigorous legal compliance standards. And that often means adding extensive product information onto your labels. But we don’t think that should stop you from effectively branding your products. We can deliver custom chemical labels that stand out from and crowd and connect you with your customer. Extended Content Labels (ECLs) are one of the best tools to balance compliance and branding. ECLs help you pack lengthy information onto your products while maximizing your label’s branding capabilities. You can find examples of how chemical brands employ ECLs in this article. We don’t run from tough orders; we embrace complexity.

Custom chemical labels will need to meet GHS standards

OSHA has changed the regulatory standards for chemical labels from the Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) to the internationally accepted Globally Harmonized System (GHS). As of 2015 and 2016, various GHS regulations took full effect in the U.S., and all chemical labels need to meet more stringent requirements. Among several key changes, the traditional Hazardous Materials Identification System boxes found on chemical labels are no longer enough to meet regulatory requirements. Labels need to include more specific elements that can change from product to product and label to label.

To help meet these requirements, we can use blank thermal-transfer labels or direct-thermal labels and print all product and hazard information on them. To make this a streamlined, and cost-effective process, we provide variable data printing (VDP) on our digital presses. This allows us to customize different labels in the same print run and help you efficiently comply with GHS standards.

Printing and design solutions for custom chemical labels

To distinguish your product on store shelves and create an eye-catching colorful feel, we use a variety of capabilities, such as foil stamping, embossing, screen printing and more. We can choose from a variety of printing methods too. Need a large-scale print run with full design customization? We can cost-effectively deliver the right look and feel with flexographic label printing. Want a small print run on a rapid timeframe at a reasonable price? Our digital labels could be a fit for you. And we’ll deliver them with complete consistency.

Commercial chemicals

We’re set up to rapidly and cost-efficiently print commercial chemical labels in bulk. Any pail. Any container. Any chemical.

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Household chemicals

From lawn & garden to drain cleaners and more, we can deliver durable label solutions strong enough for the home.

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