Flexible packaging
Unmatched flexographic quality.
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Flexible packaging

Flexible packaging is a container made of materials that can be quickly changed in shape when they’re filled or closed. These containers can use paper, plastic film or foil materials in any combination.

The many advantages of flexible packaging

Flexible packaging is quickly gaining market-wide adoption because it provides a long list of valuable benefits versus traditional rigid packaging. Today, with rapidly improving flexographic printing technology, flexible packaging can be produced faster, with fewer materials, less waste and lower costs. When produced on the latest flexographic presses, flexible packaging provides:

  • The finest line print quality
  • Excellent print registration
  • Rapid turnarounds
  • And more

Flexible packaging is easily customizable and available with a wide variety of inks, including solvent-based, water-based and UV curable inks.

Common applications for flexible packaging

Flexible packaging is most popular for retail food labels but is also common for retail non-food items, consumer goods, industrial labels, medical and pharmaceuticals products and more.

Rapid-order capabilities

Using our high-quality flexographic printing capabilities, we can rapidly turn around the largest orders of your small-scale packages. We have extensive capabilities to create flexible packaging with a diverse offering of materials and finishes, including many foils, papers and films. Our packaging capabilities cover:

  • Flexible films
  • Clamshells
  • Thermoforming
  • Labels and wraps
  • Folding cartons
  • Simple boxes
  • And specialty labels and packaging

Local service

We are a leader in product packaging, providing some of the world’s most innovative techniques and materials. In our design services, our label and packaging experts help you create a distinctive package that reinforces your brand and creates a strong impression with consumers.

We offer an unmatched commitment to quality, responsive service and rapid turnarounds. And we seamlessly guide you through the entire design and printing process so you get just the right packaging. For dedicated service, quality solutions and a great package, call us at 801-484-8503.