Fruit labels
Durable labels with
standout design options.

Fruit labels

You’ve worked hard to build trust with grocers and place produce in stores. Now you need a label that satisfies all requirements and reinforces your brand to drive in-store sales.

The requirements of a good fruit label

Fruit labels, or stickers, must provide product information, reinforce branding and satisfy a host of regulatory standards. Since they sit directly on produce, the FDA requires that fruit labels be composed of select, approved materials. Fruit labels face direct handling, bouncing around in shipping crates and the naturally uneven, oily surfaces on many produce items. So you’ll need a great adhesive and durable label to ensure your labels stay put.

Full-scale capabilities for any fruit label

Individually labeled fruits eliminate the need for outer packaging, providing producers significant savings, while still offering opportunities for on-label branding. At Resource Label Group, we have the knowledge and experience to provide solutions for any individual fruit label. And we offer extensive solutions, including:

  • Paper and film labels that satisfy FDA requirements
  • Durable adhesives that ensure your label applies securely to fruit
  • Fully recyclable sticker labels
  • An extensive library of pressure-sensitive sticker labels that can be hand-applied or customized for machine-application

We manufacture produce labels under controlled environments in the highest quality facilities. As an approved vendor with some of the biggest grocers in the U.S., we have extensive experience meeting FDA requirements and can deliver fully compliant labels.

Full-service solutions

We provide consultative, hands-on service and solutions for branding, budget and order complexities. With rapid order turnarounds, label inventory management and custom label design, we’re here to assist you with any label need. We’ll guide through the label process, helping you identify the right design, material and printing solutions so you get a label that’s just right for your produce.

A shorthand guide to the new FDA labeling rules

The FDA passed new labeling rules that will dramatically change labels for every food and beverage producer. In this guide, we give you a quick rundown of the key changes, which take effect in the near future. Learn the new rules