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Learning to read labels

Child safety essentials to recognize on common products Household products like cleaners, pesticides and other chemicals can be dangerous for children. Lawnmowers and other common equipment also come with safety hazards. And parents need to know how to read product labels to protect their children from harm. Producers are also required to enhance product safety […]... View article »

What does innovation look like for small businesses?

The word “innovation” can conjure up images of lofty, world-changing thinkers like Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs. But you don’t have to be a once-in-a-generation inventor to find ways to innovate within your small business. Whether you’re a one-man operation designing a better thermos or an insurance office just looking to streamline paperwork processes, innovation […]... View article »

10 affordable gift marketing ideas

Turn your best wishes into branded outreach Most people are flattered by a thoughtful gift, even if it’s a form of marketing. Small customer gifts can go a long way to cementing a positive impression. Every time they see that free coffee mug or water bottle, they’ll accompany that warm feeling of giving with the […]... View article »

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