Label Dispensers
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Label Dispensers

Need labels at the ready? Choose an inexpensive semi-automatic label dispenser. Dispensers allow for a more accurate label application every time and also speed up the labeling process.

What are label dispensers?

Label dispensers are machines that remove a label from its backing, or liner. Then, typically, an operator manually takes the label and applies it to a product.

Types of label dispensers

There are several types of label dispensers, including manual, semi-automatic and fully automated dispensers. A manual dispenser is a hand-operated machine, wherein an operator pulls the label roll around a plate, which separates the label from its backing.

Semi-automatic label dispensers speed up the label application process by automatically moving the roll of labels on the dispenser, using a sensor to start and stop the movement of the roll, allowing the operator to simply pick up and apply the label.

Fully automated systems are part of label applicators, which both dispense and apply the labels to products.

Today, there are many variations of label dispensers available, with stainless steel dispensers for medical, dairy and food production environments and durable dispensers for industrial settings.

We’re a premier distributor of high-quality label dispensers

From small label dispensers to simple bottle-labelers and label applicators for bags and flat items, we offer a full line of dispensers to fit most every budget. Our dispensers are:

  • Made from the highest quality materials
  • Designed to handle a broad range of job sizes
  • Highly dependable and long-lasting

No matter what your labeling needs, our knowledgeable and experienced team is here to help you select the right dispenser for your operation.

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