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At Resource Label, “embracing complexity” is more than just a slogan. We’re specialists in prime label printing and design. From our locations in Nashville and Memphis, we’ve served Tennessee and the South since 1991 with seamless prints for the most challenging, complex labels. It’s a point of pride. A commitment. To provide innovative, cost-efficient solutions that help you get a just-right label. Every time.

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  • Extended content labels
  • Instant redeemable coupons
  • Smooth peel labels
  • Booklet labels
  • Direct thermal labels
Direct thermal labels

Extended content labels (ECLs) are an innovative way to maximize your label’s available space, perfect for communicating regulatory information or rolling out a new promotion. With our extensive printing capabilities —14 colors for any color combination, the ability to mix film and paper labels and more— anything is possible.

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Direct thermal labels

Instant redeemable coupons (IRCs) —on-package vouchers that customers can immediately use— are an excellent promotional tool for any product. We can deliver your IRC labels on time and on design, regardless of how many you need, how soon you need them or how complex you need them to be.

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Direct thermal labels

Smooth peel labels unroll while still adhering to the package and can be resealed, increasing label space by 200%. They’re useful for adding custom branding to your labels or packing regulatory or compliance information onto your product — all without hurting the base branding of your label.

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Direct thermal labels

Booklet labels are used to pack extensive information into a small label area so you can achieve maximum branding impact with your label. In addition to creating many label design opportunities, they can help reduce costs by allowing you to use a smaller label than otherwise possible.

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Direct thermal labels

Direct thermal labels are cost-effective for one- or two-color labels. Made with heat-sensitive material, they eliminate costly ink, toner and ribbon. And they reduce waste and shipping weight — important drivers of cost and environmental impact.

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