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Simplify design review and get labels faster with ARTWORKS from Resource Label Group

The label manufacturing process is replete with steps for quality control, from pre-press workflows to production quality control measures. Artwork review is another key process, where the bold designs you’ve envisioned for your brand start to take shape. As a forward-thinking label partner, we’re always looking for ways to make your label printing process run […]... View article »

Making the labeling case for SKU optimization

It’s not earth-shattering news, it’s not rocket science, it’s hardly a tough sell: Fighting SKU proliferation helps your business run better. Inconsistently organized product lines, overly prolific flavors lists or out-of-date policies towards inventory gets in the way of growth for business. But achieving SKU optimization? Well, it’s not a walk in the park either: […]... View article »

Consulting with an Ontario-based winery to create a top-selling label

Rosé wines, either still or effervescent, are now a staple on store shelves and in wine coolers across the country. But before the recent trend in North America exploded, an Ontario winery prepared for their launch of LOLA, a sparkling rosé wine. The blush colored wine from Pelee Island Winery was ready. But it needed […]... View article »

Packaging procurement strategy: How to prepare for the RFI/RFQ process

At minimum, the process is an exchange of packaging procurement information. You send out the request, perhaps to fulfill a corporate requirement or in response to recent growth, and receive data points on each supplier’s printing capabilities, supply assurances and projected costs — straightforward enough. At its best, the process lays the foundation for your […]... View article »

More than a facelift: How 3 wineries discovered the true value of a label rebrand

Branding will always influence the experience of sipping a glass of wine. The label, and the way it looks, simply can’t be separated from the wine, and the way it tastes. Established wineries know this well. They’ve worked hard year after year to build a brand that loyal customers happily bring into their homes and […]... View article »

Regulatory information on cannabis labels: Strike a balance and protect branding

Cannabis and CBD brand owners have their work cut out for them when it comes to packaging and labeling products. As one CEO put it in the Cannabis Business Times: “I think it’s going to be a while before [the cannabis industry] really looks like a CPG business… you’ve got regulations on packaging and you […]... View article »

5 eye-catching design possibilities with pressure-sensitive beer can labels

Eye-popping finishes, bold lettering and tactile finishes. For the first time, they’re all possible. Today, labels can bring your beer can design ideas and your brand story to life. And you can connect your carefully crafted brew with your customers to drive awareness and lasting loyalty.... View article »

Craft beer label printing: Why pressure-sensitive labels may be the most cost-effective choice for cans

Craft beer labels help specialty brews stand out. But what’s the best label for your beer? Learn about this cost-saving solution for craft beer labels.... View article »

Short-run flexible packaging: Getting the best value, turnaround for single-use packets

New flavors, line extensions, product launches. Across markets, SKUs are proliferating, and smaller packaging orders are becoming more prevalent. While your brand’s flagship product may require tens or hundreds of millions of packages a year, you likely have a handful of products in your portfolio that require far, far fewer. But many single-use flexible packaging […]... View article »

Anti-counterfeit label solutions to protect consumers and your brand

It’s not a new problem: Counterfeit products pose a risk for companies. These falsified items can result in damage to the brand perception, economic losses and even harm to valued customers. Particularly in the pharmaceutical, wine and spirit, nutraceutical and cosmetic sectors, brand owners must be diligent about brand security. Consider the fake lip kits […]... View article »

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