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Variable data printing for labels: Cut costs, sell more and protect your brand

Digital printing presses have disrupted the traditional label production paradigm. With conventional flexographic presses, you hand your artwork variations off to your printer — and plates are made for every flavor, scent and seasonal variation. The upfront costs of plates can be a pain for brands with a wide variety of SKUs, and they make unique […]... View article »

Protect your brand with the right tamper-evident shrink sleeve or label

Tamper-evident shrink sleeves and labels protect consumers and brands alike: Consumers are protected from inadvertently consuming or using a compromised product — especially important for nutraceutical, food, beverage, cosmetic or cannabis products. In fact, the FDA even requires tamper-evident packaging in many industries to protect consumers. Brands are protected from tarnished reputations. They help to ensure […]... View article »

Verifying label performance: The roles of testing and communicating with your supplier

Brand managers rely on labels to perform dependably and consistently: Household cleaner labels with adhesives to withstand the harshest handling, luxury wine labels to hold up in fluctuating outdoor temperatures, water-resistant shower product labels that stand up in the humidity. This performance is essential — so what is the best way for brand managers to […]... View article »

Your label plays an important role in driving sales on the shelf (or web page)

Having a great product is important, but it’s only half of the equation. You only have 2-7 seconds to make a first impression, so it’s vitally important that your package is equipped with what it needs to quickly make an impact. Whether sold online or in a brick-and-mortar, your label needs to share product information, […]... View article »

Flexo vs. digital printing: Which technology is better for your brand’s labels?

There isn’t a clear-cut answer to this question. In fact, “versus” is the wrong word to use when comparing digital and flexographic label printing; neither technology is inherently better or worse than the other. Which press technology makes the most sense for a particular job will depend on a host of brand-specific factors, including run […]... View article »

What’s new in product label materials?

No brand wants their product packaging to blend in on the shelf, allowing their competition to steal the spotlight of consumer attention. But to stand out, you have to do something unexpected with your packaging. So it stands to reason that many of the brand owners we work with often ask, “What’s new?” at the […]... View article »

How to use label varnishes to create packaging experiences that sell

Walk down any aisle in any store, and hundreds of labels will stare back, vying for your attention. Across product categories, the competition for consumer attention is stiff. This competition is even more fierce for luxury products (including high-end wines, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, spirits), where premium label embellishments and decorations are key to justifying higher prices. […]... View article »

5 product label trends to differentiate your brand in 2021

The winds of change blew hard this year. Some markets shrunk while others grew, supply chain weaknesses were exposed and a pandemic kept many consumers at home where they did much of their shopping online. Brands in every product category from luxury wines to bargain shampoos are forced to reckon with this “new normal” and […]... View article »

Here’s why (and how) your brand should move toward more sustainable labels

Your brand is likely facing immense pressure to step up your sustainability game: Major retailers like Target, Walmart and Kroger have imminent sustainability requirements for their suppliers. Investors have a heightened focus on the environmental, social and governance (ESG) measures of the companies in their portfolios. Customer scrutiny misses nothing. While “sustainability” as a strategic […]... View article »

Keep your label supplier in the loop when developing packaging

If your brand is setting out to develop, update or refresh your packaging, or search for new packaging suppliers, you’re probably not doing it for sport. You likely have a very clear objective in mind: Reducing packaging costs Moving toward more sustainable packaging Enhancing shelf presence, launching a new product or rebranding an existing one […]... View article »

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