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How to use label varnishes to create packaging experiences that sell

Walk down any aisle in any store, and hundreds of labels will stare back, vying for your attention. Across product categories, the competition for consumer attention is stiff. This competition is even more fierce for luxury products (including high-end wines, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, spirits), where premium label embellishments and decorations are key to justifying higher prices. […]... View article »

5 product label trends to differentiate your brand in 2021

The winds of change blew hard this year. Some markets shrunk while others grew, supply chain weaknesses were exposed and a pandemic kept many consumers at home where they did much of their shopping online. Brands in every product category from luxury wines to bargain shampoos are forced to reckon with this “new normal” and […]... View article »

Here’s why (and how) your brand should move toward more sustainable labels

Your brand is likely facing immense pressure to step up your sustainability game: Major retailers like Target, Walmart and Kroger have imminent sustainability requirements for their suppliers. Investors have a heightened focus on the environmental, social and governance (ESG) measures of the companies in their portfolios. Customer scrutiny misses nothing. While “sustainability” as a strategic […]... View article »

Keep your label supplier in the loop when developing packaging

If your brand is setting out to develop, update or refresh your packaging, or search for new packaging suppliers, you’re probably not doing it for sport. You likely have a very clear objective in mind: Reducing packaging costs Moving toward more sustainable packaging Enhancing shelf presence, launching a new product or rebranding an existing one […]... View article »

Here’s how we’re seeing consumer behavior changing (and how labels can help)

Because brands are still struggling to manage the day-to-day challenges of keeping supply chains intact, it might feel premature to start planning for a “post-COVID” world. But consumer attitude and purchasing decisions are evolving at a pace you can’t ignore. And it’s unlikely that these shifts will disappear after shelter-in-place orders are lifted and consumers […]... View article »

Taking the risk out of packaging inventory management

Maintaining the proper level of packaging materials at your facility is an exercise in tight-rope walking. If you overcorrect in one direction, you incur undue risk. Overcorrect in the other and you incur undue cost. A label stock-out, for example, can have a catastrophic impact on your bottom line — you can’t, after all, ship […]... View article »

Extended content labels and the hidden opportunities for your brand

Extended content labels (ECLs) are often thought of only when lengthy regulatory and product-use information needs to be communicated on a package. But they can be used for so much more: Combining the front and back label into a two-ply smooth-peel ECL to reduce the total label footprint on smaller packages (while still ensuring you […]... View article »

NFC labels have the potential to transform customer experiences — here’s how

Americans look at their phone as much as 96 times a day. Spaced out evenly over the course of a day, that amounts to once every 10 minutes. At this very second, there’s a good chance your target consumers’ have their smartphones on-hand, and that device has the power to transform how your brand engages […]... View article »

Leverage the label bid process to get better value, minimize risk and stay competitive

The packaging procurement process is not one-size-fits-all — not even close. It’s an amorphous process that varies by your brand’s size, label spend profile, industry segment and about every other factor imaginable. As such, there’s very little advice on label RFIs and RFQs that applies to every situation. Large brands, for example, often cast a […]... View article »

How cannabis brands can take their product labels to the next level

The cannabis industry has exploded in recent years and, like any new industry, is experiencing growing pains along the way. The initial excitement of legalization led to a mix of chaos and potential as industry members navigated new legal requirements along with the reality of getting businesses off the ground. As the dust settles, many […]... View article »

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