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Hybrid label printing: Cost, appearance and performance considerations

When ordering labels, three questions always get asked: Will they exactly match my brand vision? Will it perform in my product’s end-use environment? How much are my labels going to cost? And while many factors affect the price, appearance and performance of your labels, press technology is chief among them. The press dictates production speed, […]... View article »

Luxury label printing: Advanced techniques and innovative examples to inspire your brand

Consumers are starting to invest in fewer, nicer things. They’re no longer accumulating just to accumulate, but seeking out products that feel authentic, unique and designed to last. As a premium brand owner, you want to draw this quality-focused customer to your small-batch bourbon, elaborate eyeshadow palette or deluxe multi-vitamins. And you understand thoughtfully designed […]... View article »

How big-picture planning with your label printer will reduce supply risk & cut costs

A lot of brands handle their label supplier relationships the same way: After an extensive RFI/RFQ process, they select a label supplier based on pricing, production capabilities and a host of other criteria. They sign a contract with that supplier and issue purchase orders as necessary. They’ll communicate with their account representative on an as-needed […]... View article »

The biggest problems extended content labels (ECLs) solve by market

Brands don’t incorporate extended content labels (ECLs) into their packaging on a whim. They employ ECLs to solve regulatory, branding or space-related issues: Too much regulatory information to include on your standard label Cross-promoting products in your portfolio with on-package information and coupons Driving sales by delivering coupons to consumers at point-of-purchase Not enough label […]... View article »

How to look at product label costs: Brand story first, price second

Labels aren’t purely a cost. They’re also an investment in your brand, and deeply affect how consumers perceive your products. To many consumers, your label is an extension of your brand and, in fact, the label branding — not the product — is often what entices them to put your product in their cart. Recent neuromarketing […]... View article »

Make sure your labels stick: How suppliers engineer adhesive solutions

When your brand has labels that aren’t sticking correctly, securely or long enough… Wait, we’ll stop you right there. Label adhesives not performing? That’s not really an option. You need labels that stick reliably — and your customers do, too. So how can you guarantee that label adhesion problems won’t affect your products, your brand […]... View article »

Protecting label quality: Does your converter have these control measures in place?

Every label converter will boast of their commitment to quality control — such innocuous phrasing is simple to toss into procurement conversations, slip into a company slogan or use to assuage the concerns of your brand’s QC manager. But what does quality control actually look like for your label converter? And more importantly, how can you […]... View article »

Variable data printing for labels: Cut costs, sell more and protect your brand

Digital printing presses have disrupted the traditional label production paradigm. With conventional flexographic presses, you hand your artwork variations off to your printer — and plates are made for every flavor, scent and seasonal variation. The upfront costs of plates can be a pain for brands with a wide variety of SKUs, and they make unique […]... View article »

Protect your brand with the right tamper-evident shrink sleeve or label

Tamper-evident shrink sleeves and labels protect consumers and brands alike: Consumers are protected from inadvertently consuming or using a compromised product — especially important for nutraceutical, food, beverage, cosmetic or cannabis products. In fact, the FDA even requires tamper-evident packaging in many industries to protect consumers. Brands are protected from tarnished reputations. They help to ensure […]... View article »

Verifying label performance: The roles of testing and communicating with your supplier

Brand managers rely on labels to perform dependably and consistently: Household cleaner labels with adhesives to withstand the harshest handling, luxury wine labels to hold up in fluctuating outdoor temperatures, water-resistant shower product labels that stand up in the humidity. This performance is essential — so what is the best way for brand managers to […]... View article »

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