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Breathing life into extraordinary promotional label concepts

“I want to run a promotion for my brand.” Saying this in front of your label supplier opens the door to a wealth of possibilities for you to bump sales, educate customers, increase engagement and encourage brand loyalty. In this article, we’ll help you make sense of this sea of opportunity by: Showing you what’s […]... View article »

6 opportunities for brands using digital printing

Digital label printing is a huge opportunity for your brand and, to take it a step further, your entire company. And now is the time to seriously consider how you could leverage it to the fullest extent. To be clear, we’re not claiming digital is a replacement for flexo. Conventional flexographic label printing is far […]... View article »

Pre-press before printing is like pre-op before surgery

When you strip away all the glitz and glam of product labeling — Consumer trends! Branding! Embellishments! — you uncover one unifying requirement every brand owner has for their labels: Identical colors and graphics, label after label and order after order. And the foundation for achieving that level of consistency is laid long before your […]... View article »

Combatting uncertainty when forecasting label demand during COVID-19

The stakes are always high when forecasting your label supply needs. But with COVID-19, the ante has been raised to unprecedented levels. With the future so uncertain, it’s impossible to see past your label supply needs for this month, week — or even day. Only two things are certain right now: You can’t afford for […]... View article »

If your distillery is producing hand sanitizer, we’ve got your labels covered

Demand for hand sanitizer has outpaced supply in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. This essential product is nowhere to be found on store shelves — and was going for as much as $149 a bottle online from third-party resellers. Recognizing the importance of proper hand sanitation to stopping the spread of the disease, the Food […]... View article »

Double-sided labels might be the perfect way to differentiate luxury products

When designing their product packaging, brands need to weigh two competing imperatives: Keep packaging costs down to maximize profit Differentiate their product to increase sales These goals are inherently at odds and, for lower-margin products, the former nearly always wins out. But for luxury products, great care needs to be put into prioritizing the latter. […]... View article »

The behind-the-scenes role of an equipment label manufacturer

A prominent medical device manufacturer has partnered with us to manufacture their equipment labels for upwards of 20 years. Recently, they approached us with a specification drawing of an identification nameplate for a cardiac mapping device for us to review and, ultimately, bring to life. The purpose of the label was simple: Display the device […]... View article »

To see where NFC is today (and where it’s going tomorrow), look at this use case

Adoption of near field communication (NFC) — a smart two-way communication technology — is expected to triple by 2024. And as it grows and new applications emerge, we’re discovering that we’ve only grazed the surface as far as NFC’s potential to drive efficiency, transparency and security. By 2024, NFC will be accomplishing things we haven’t […]... View article »

7 questions to ask before committing to a label printer

Your label printer is a business partner crucial to ensuring the quality of your final product. Your label determines your shelf appeal and reinforces your brand, and you shouldn’t trust just anyone with this responsibility. Just like any business partnership, do your research to find the label printer that’s right for you 1. What capabilities […]... View article »

Demand these 6 things from your pharmaceutical label supplier

  The November 2018 DSCSA serialization enforcement deadline is now in the rearview. But with a recent report showing that 75% of cases fall short of requirements and more DSCSA compliance deadlines on the horizon for trading partners up and down the pharmaceutical supply chain, 2019 will be a busy year. The last thing pharmaceutical […]... View article »

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