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Smart label tracking and why it’s the future of product distribution

An emerging trend, smart label tracking, is changing the way producers distribute products. As retailers increasingly adopt the technology, producers and distributors will be required to implement it to place products in stores. What is smart label tracking? Smart label tracking is an emerging practice used to track products throughout warehouses, shipping and retail stores. […]... View article »

Craft beer labels that save money

Craft beer labels help specialty brews stand out. But what’s the best label for your beer? Learn about this cost-saving solution for craft beer labels.... View article »

5 Previously impossible beer can design ideas

Eye-popping finishes, bold lettering and tactile finishes. For the first time, they’re all possible. Today, labels can bring your beer can design ideas and your brand story to life. And you can connect your carefully crafted brew with your customers to drive awareness and lasting loyalty.... View article »

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