Cannabis and CBD Labels
Distinguish your brand
build customer recognition

Give your cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) products a distinctive brand feel, build trust with your customers and cost-effectively meet state regulations with our custom cannabis labels.

At Resource Label Group, we offer a smarter way to label your cannabis products and assist you in navigating regulations to get great labels for flower, edibles, topicals, tinctures and more. And we can even incorporate tamper-evident features directly into your label or sleeve.

The challenge of meeting ever-changing legal requirements

Many dispensaries choose pre-printed pouches for flowers and other cannabis products, which offer minimal branding opportunities on the front and often lack legally required product information on the back.

Similar to the way alcohol labels must contain information for alcohol content, the labels that sit on the backs of pouches are legally required to provide certain information, including:

  • THC %
  • CBD %
  • Net weight in grams
  • Lab name and test # confirmation
  • Date tested
  • Strain name

It’s common practice for dispensaries to sell pouches of flower in unique quantities. But pre-printed pouches don’t provide a legal way to vary the contents of individual pouches. While many dispensaries have gotten around this, labeling requirements are getting more stringent.

We know cannabis flowers are just the beginning too, and we can rapidly and economically print custom cannabis and CBD labels for any application.

Whether you’re a dispensary, grower or processor, we have the capabilities to deliver a well-branded cannabis or CBD label for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Glass, pop-top and reversible cap vials
  • Stock glasses and pouches
  • Vapors
  • Consumables (edibles)
  • Topicals
  • Tinctures
  • Cannabis-infused beverages and sodas
  • And more

Cost-effective labels for cannabis and CBD products

As you’re well aware, laws vary greatly depending on the type of cannabis or hemp product. Edibles, vapors and non-intoxicating wellness products derived from CBD all have different labeling requirements.

Variable data printing (VDP) technology is perfect for brands with a wide variety of cannabis and CBD products, as you can vary the graphics and information on each individual label in a print run.

For the informational labels that provide legally required product information, we can help you design a simple label template that can be easily customized to print labels with unique product information.

This allows you to increase the size of each print order, and as you increase the size of a print run, the per-label cost decreases.

You could potentially combine the prime labels for a cannabis edible product and a CBD wellness oil — and any flavor variations for either product — into one large print run. And you could combine all the informational labels for the back of those products into another run.

RFID label tracking for seed-to-sale traceability

Radio frequency identification (RFID) labels are required throughout your supply chain, allowing you — as well as supply chain partners and regulators — to scan the label, and retrieve key information about each plant and product in your supply chain. 

If you need to identify and deploy an RFID solution for your cannabis brand, we will help. With decades of experience deploying such solutions for some of the largest brands coast to coast, we have the knowledge to get your brand’s RFID tracking solution up and running. Reach out to our team today to get started.

Better branding, better labels

We can also custom design an eye catching cannabis label for the front of a pouch or container. Our labels adhere to generic pouches, often providing significant savings over purchasing pre-printed pouches while enhancing design opportunities. We turn your pouches and containers into beautifully branded products that help you gain recognition with customers.

Value-added service for your cannabis labels

We walk you through the label process from start to finish. Our experienced, full-service team is here to provide you consultative label design and printing expertise. We’ll ensure you get a cost-effective, well-branded label that saves you time, money and headaches. For smart label solutions, request a consultation or give us a call.

Need a smaller run (under 2,000) of cannabis or CBD labels? Check out our certified partner, YourLabelsNow, who specializes in creating custom labels for smaller businesses.