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Pharmaceutical labeling solutions

Lean on label printing and services dependable enough for the most essential industries — pharmaceutical.

MedLit Solutions, A Resource Label Group Company. Pharmaceutical labeling and packaging.
Pharmaceutic Litho & Label Company, A Resource Label Group Company. Pharmaceutical labeling and packaging.
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Working with us

Solutions beyond printing

Resource Label Group invests in innovative print capabilities and inventory management services for our pharmaceutical label clients. You handle what’s important at the pharmacy, the patients and their medicine. We’ll take care of the packaging — and labeling, printing, inventory, delivery and tracking.

Security features and warnings

Security features and warnings

Anti-counterfeit protection

Anti-counterfeit protection

QR codes for online information

QR codes for online information


Complete service

Garner the benefits of a complete print management service:

  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) offers scheduling flexibility and supports complete chain-of-custody initiatives
  • 3D packaging software provides samples for product mockups and trial testing
  • A comprehensive job management system welcomes customer input at every step of the production process
  • Our vendor-managed inventory (VMI) system improves customers’ order accuracy, reduces waste, minimizes obsolescence and increases warehouse efficiency
  • Digital technology supports speed-to-market and SKU-intensive, small-lot runs
  • In-house, cross-functional innovation team collaborates for new product and process development, problem solving and sample testing
  • 3PL and consignment programs delivers customized inventory support


Innovative label solutions for the pharmaceutical and medical industry

Customized solutions for syringes, vials, ampoules, pens, auto injectors, and medical containers:

  • 1 Detachable security/tamper-proof features and warning areas
  • 2 Removable label (piggyback) for parts documentation
  • 3 Printing on adhesive side for added copy—can be designed as a hinge or ECL
  • 4 Indicators activated by temperature or light
  • 5 Transparent window with UV protection
  • 6 Hologram or specialty foils for anti-counterfeit protection
  • 7 Taggant (covert or overt) security for anti-fraud protection
  • 8 Micro text for product authentication—visible only under magnification
  • 9 Printable area using special varnish/inks for post printing of variable data and e-pedigree requirements
  • 10 Tactile elements for non-slip and braille applications
  • 11 Tamper evident security features
  • 12 NFC capability for interactive applications
  • 13 QR codes for online information

Turnkey pharmaceutical labeling solutions that deliver end-to-end ROI

Our relentless quality control is unmatched with process transparency and state-of-the-art electronic vision inspections for 100% accuracy.

Last-minute order requests? That’s what we do. If you need 100,000 units delivered to you in one business day, if we can do it, we will make it happen.

We reduce red tape and overhead with lean manufacturing principles result in cost savings, which we gladly pass on to you.

Let us speed your time to market. We have the capacity and sophisticated printing equipment for large-scale orders under tight deadlines.

Who we are

National Reach. Local Touch.®

When you work with the Resource Label Group family, you’re gaining an efficient edge over the competition. With locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, we provide the services, solutions and reach you expect from a national company, with the dedication and touch of a local partner.