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Pharmaceutical labeling quality assurance

Demand the highest quality, every time, from the most knowledgeable pharmaceutical label experts in the business. Resource Label Group is focused on pharmaceutical labeling quality assurance.

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Working with us

Demanding standards and quality systems

We understand that labels impact the safety and care of patients. That’s why Resource Label Group maintains the strictest quality assurance and service standards to ensure precise printing for every pharmaceutical label and package we produce. We understand the complexities of packaging and compliance in the pharma industry.

Industry-recognized certifications

Industry-recognized certifications

Reinforced quality standards

Reinforced quality standards

Consistent packaging processes

Consistent packaging processes

Quality assurance is a human job.


Relentless Quality Control

We take all steps to eliminate any problems well before your product leaves our facility. Our quality control measures include:

  • Automated barcode scanning to ensure DSCSA compliance
  • Standardized spot-glued RTA outserts for extensive patient information
  • Monitored batch-counting, shrink-wrapping, folding and insertions
  • Superior inventory selection of materials to reduce lead time


Principles and standards

Standards include but are not limited to:

  • Achieving the stringent quality and service requirements of the medical and pharmaceutical industries 
  • Earning GMI certification to show we have the necessary equipment and process controls for consistent packaging production
  • Complying with cGMP guidelines to ensure quality products
  • Conducting formal supplier evaluations in accordance with ISO standards
  • Selecting raw materials to meet our customers’ specifications, merchandising, quality and cost management
  • Excluding Benzophenone as directed from the workplace and transit packaging
Quality assurance is ensured at every step of the process, especially at the press.

ISO Certification

Providing quality assurance to our customers

The Resource Label Group facilities that work with our pharma customers have many quality certifications. These include:

  • MedLit Solutions, Pharmaceutic and Litho Flexo Grafics maintain ISO 9001:2015 QMS standard, the highest international standard for process quality
  • MedLit Solutions is also certified to the ISO 15378:2017 standard – GMP compliance for packaging of medicinal products

Our Gintzler International facility in New York meets ISO 13485 standards, which set the foundation for a robust quality management system:

  • ISO 13485 dictates that risk management must be thoroughly documented and conducted throughout a product’s entire lifecycle, from initial concept to post-delivery
  • The Gintzler International facility maintains these demanding standards to help our customers achieve their brand protection and anti-counterfeiting goals
  • Certification independently verifies our compliance with recognized standards
  • Our management system closes the gap on regulatory changes from the GS1, FDA and consumer protection
Hybrid digital label press is used for superior precision.

our focus

Superior Precision

Our uncompromising attention to detail ensures we address your unique challenges while achieving the highest quality and consistency. We deliver precision via:

  • Consistently-positioned carton folds, RTAs, labels and inserts/outserts
  • Electronically-vision inspected labels to detect any color/shade variations
  • Automated and QC-controlled sheet feeding, padding and batch counting
  • Optical character recognition system (OCRS) for detecting errors

Who we are

National Reach. Local Touch.®

When you work with the Resource Label Group family, you’re gaining an efficient edge over the competition. With locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, we provide the services, solutions and reach you expect from a national company, with the dedication and touch of a local partner.