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At Mid-South RFID, we’re dedicated to providing RFID application expertise to markets and customers worldwide. We work with leading RFID inlay manufacturers and meet ISO 9001:2000 quality standards. And as a Resource Label Group company, we can now incorporate RFID technology into nearly any label.

Explore our unique services and capabilities

  • Radio frequency identification (RFID) labels
  • Inventory tracking with RFID tags
  • Security and anti-counterfeiting RFID solutions
  • Logistics and supply chain solutions with smart labels
  • High-frequency and low-frequency RFID solutions
  • Retail tracking with RFID tags

RFID labels, also called smart labels, are a useful tool for tagging and tracking consumer products, monitoring inventories and handling other applications. We’ve built a specialty in RFID label inlays and have delivered many thousands of custom RFID labels for some of the biggest brands nationwide.

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Item-level RFID tags allow stores to take inventory about 25 times faster — rather than manually scanning each barcode, a fixed or hand-held RFID reader can scan as many as 20,000 RFID-tagged products an hour. Our experienced team will help you set up an RFID inventory tracking solution.

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Smart label tracking allows organizations to authenticate products and identify weak spots in their supply chain to prevent theft and counterfeiting. There are even RFID tags on the market which break when tampered with, making it impossible to re-apply the label to a counterfeit product. Our team will help you implement a security solution with RFID tags.

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Tagging merchandise with smart labels gives organizations clearer insight into their inventory, up and down the supply chain. The greatest visibility, of course, is achieved when merchandise is tagged at both the pallet and product level. Our experienced team will help you deploy a smart label tracking solution for your supply chain.

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High-frequency (HF) RFID tags have long read ranges and high memory capabilities, making them well-suited to cataloging library media or for use in tracking bracelets for theme parks. Low-frequency (LF) RFID tags have short read ranges but are less susceptible to interference by liquids and metals because they have a longer wavelength. We specialize in both — and can help you deploy a LF or HF RFID solution.

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Item-level tagging in retail at the store level is possibly the most time-tested business case for RFID implementation. As many as 25% of retailers find the increased inventory accuracy and resulting sales uplift so valuable that they tag their items in store. Our experienced team will help you set up an RFID retail tracking solution.

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