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Tamper-Evident & Tamper-Proof Solutions

Protect Your Customers – and Your Brand

When you invest in tamper evident and anti-counterfeit packaging, you give consumers more confidence in your products.

Whether it’s a tamper band and seal that let them know nobody else has had their fingers in that bottle of vitamins or a hard-to-replicate hologram or die cut that tell them they’re holding an authentic product, these security measures let customers know they can trust your company and products. These measures don’t just protect individual products; they protect your reputation.

If your brand is looking to incorporate tamper-evident features into your product packaging, Resource Label Group offers a wide range of labeling solutions at your disposal, beginning with:

  • Tamper-evident shrink sleeves
  • Full-graphic tamper bands
  • Full pressure-sensitive labels over top of caps
  • Tab labels over product caps

Have a product that requires added layers of security? We’ve got an arsenal of high-tech solutions. Read more about that below.


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why use Tamper evident Solutions?

Scary Statistics

Did you know …

More than 1 million people die annually from counterfeit and substandard medications, including cancer and blood pressure drugs. (American University)

A 2021 Europol investigation resulted in the seizure of 3.5 million counterfeit medication packages and 3 million COVID medical devices such as tests. (Europol)

Medications are the seventh-most seized counterfeit product. (European Pharmaceutical Review)

Amazon seized and disposed of more than 3 million counterfeit products in 2021, up 1 million from the previous year. (Amazon Brand Protection Report)

In 2021, Homeland Security and the Los Angeles Sherriff’s Department sized more than $1.2 million in counterfeit auto parts. (Amazon Brand Protection Report)

The majority of child and forced labor occurs in places that manufacture counterfeit goods (World Customs Organization)

Three Levels of Secure Solutions

Resource Label Groups offers three different levels of security measures to protect your products:

Tamper-evident solutions: These measures prevent authentic products from being replaced by counterfeit or tainted ones. In other words, they help make sure your product stays in the package.

Authentication solutions: These tools are used to verify each product is genuine.

Tracking solutions: By using RFID (radio frequency identification) and NFC (near field communication) tags, you can authenticate products and follow them from the warehouse to the consumer.

Tamper evident security labels

Counterfeiting: Not limited to handbags and watches anymore

Like many legitimate companies, criminal networks and other bad actors are diversifying.

Simply put, no industry is safe. In the last few years, they’ve expanded to:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical devices
  • COVID tests
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Nutraceuticals (supplements, etc.)
  • Cannabis
  • Personal care and beauty
  • Auto parts
Infographic laying out increasing levels of secure packaging options

Build layers of protection into your packaging

You’ve heard of the food pyramid. How about the security pyramid? It’s made up of three tiers of protective products and techniques.


Visible security measures such as void materials, tamper bands, materials that destruct upon removal, shrink bands and lid stock provide the first layer of defense. These can be combined to produce a unique brand signature that’s hard for counterfeiters to replicate.


The second level of defense includes variable barcodes, sequential unique IDs, holographic materials, unique laser die cuts or art, microprinting, invisible ink, micro 2D codes, and unique hidden IDs. Consumers may notice some of these measures, but they can’t begin to see all the security elements built in


The most advanced layer of product security includes e-fingerprinting, random IDs, Blockchain, 3rd party validation, Digimarc (unique embedded invisible images), and NFC/RFID tags. With these, you can track your products and prevent them from falling out of the authorized supply chain.

North American map showing reach of Resource Label Group

National Reach. Local Touch.®

RLG is backed by a national network with more than 30 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.  This means we can get the materials you need at a competitive price. And you get the customer service you’d expect from a local printer you’ve been dealing with for years.

Plus, if one RLG location hasn’t tackled your particular RFID challenge, odds are, another has. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Instead, tap into the knowledge base we’ve already built and get your project off the ground faster.

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