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Our History

Resource Label Group. It started as one Tennessee-based company making a name for itself as one of the leading pressure-sensitive label companies in the nation. And location by location, we’ve grown into an international provider of customized labels for every application and industry. Learn our story, and how each location we’ve added not only strengthened our portfolio of capabilities — but allows us to provide you with local, personal service, wherever you are.

Resource Label


Resource Label has established itself as an industry-leading provider of pressure-sensitive labels with an expansive portfolio of printing and decorating capabilities. Since 1991, our clients have trusted us to deliver efficient, highly customized labels paired with exceptional service.

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Mid-South RFID


With the acquisition of Mid-South RFID, Resource Label Group continued its tradition of remaining at the forefront of label technology. RFID inlays —coupled with our portfolio of custom label capabilities— provide our clients with cutting-edge security, shipping and inventory solutions.

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Pamco Label


Chicago-based prime label converter Pamco has provided customers with top-notch label service for more than half a century. Now, as part of Resource Label Group, they continue to give personalized service — but with greater capabilities, resources and international reach.

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Fox Tag + Label


Fox Tag + Label brought more than 120 years of labeling experience and a local presence in New England to Resource Label Group. By first joining with Pamco and then our national network, Fox bolstered their ability to provide industry-leading label service to any customer, anywhere.

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Oxford Graphics


For nearly 30 years, Northeast-based Oxford Graphics has provided cost-effective and efficient pressure-sensitive label printing services to clients throughout the nation. Now, as a part of Resource Label Group, they offer expanded capabilities, faster lead times and greater customization.

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The Label Company


With their roots planted on the West Coast, The Label Company has a well-established national reputation as a premium flexographic label printer with experience in markets ranging from entertainment to nutraceuticals and beyond. After joining Resource Label Group, their customers have access to our network’s full suite of label printing capabilities and local service at any of our locations.

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A1 Label


A1 Label is a pressure-sensitive label manufacturer based out of Toronto. Since 1984, they’ve produced labels for a whole host of markets, including personal care, cosmetics, wine and more. When A1 Label joined Resource Label Group in 2015, we grew into an international network. Now we’re able to provide local service to customers throughout North America.

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Taylor Made Labels


Since 1981, Taylor Made Labels and its subsidiaries have provided first-class food labels, equipment, wine labels and much more to customers nationwide. Now they’ve expanded their capabilities and extended their reach as a part Resource Label Group, while preserving their reputation for innovation, service and quality.

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LithoFlexo Grafics


LithoFlexo Grafics —a leading provider of lithography and flexography in the U.S.— joined Resource Label Group in 2016, bringing decades of experience with them. Today, they provide a full spread of capabilities, including shrink sleeves, to customers throughout North America.

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Advanced Labels NW


Advanced Labels NW —an award-winning label printer— has experience in practically every industry from wine to cosmetics and beyond. After joining Resource Label Group in late 2016, customers across the country have local access to their extensive experience in label customization, embellishments and much more.

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RayPress Corporation


After building a national reputation for printing excellence from their location in the Southeast, RayPress Corporation joined forces with Resource Label Group in 2016 — bringing 40 years of experience with them. Clients across the country now have greater access to RayPress's extensive promotional label capabilities: 14-color printing, game pieces, multi-panel labels and more.

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Cellotape / Landmark Label


Cellotape — along with its subsidiaries Landmark Label and Cellotape Smart Products— is recognized as a leading label provider in practically every industry from electronic to medical to wine and NFC. After joining Resource Label Group in 2017, their customers can expect expanded offerings and nationwide reach, in addition to the laser die-cutting and graphic overlays Cellotape’s always been known for.

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Gintzler International


A tradition of excellence and more than 100 year’s experience in pharmaceutical, consumer packaging and more — that’s what Gintzler brought to Resource Label Group when they joined the team in 2017. Now, with enhanced reach and capabilities, Gintzler provides clients with even more innovative, customized label solutions.

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Ingenious Packaging

JULY 2018 | Scarborough, ON

Ingenious Packaging has earned a reputation as a leading label manufacturer with the breadth of printing and finishing experience needed to serve any market from food & beverage to pharmaceutical and personal care. Ingenious joined Resource Label Group in 2018, strengthening our capabilities and further expanding our footprint in North America.

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Paragon Label

August 2018 | Petaluma, CA

Located in the heart of California wine country, Paragon Label is known for its commitment to innovative labels and for producing the finest quality labels for wine, beauty and food brands. In 2018, Paragon joined Resource Label Group, reinforcing our position as a leading label converter in the West Coast wine region.

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Spectrum Label

November 2018 | San Francisco, CA

Spectrum Label Corporation opened its doors in 1968 with a small group of dedicated employees. Since then, the California-based company has grown into an award-winning provider of custom flexographic labels for nutraceutical, wine, food and beauty markets. In 2018, they joined Resource Label Group, bolstering our national reputation for high-quality labels and strong customer relationships.

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Best Label Company

November 2018 | San Francisco, CA & LOS ANGELES, CA

With a history tracing back to 1945, Best Label Company has grown into one of the leading label manufacturers on the West Coast with two locations serving a diverse client base spanning the food, beauty, automotive and pharmaceutical industries. They joined Resource Label Group in 2018, allowing our network to better serve our clients along the West Coast and throughout North America.

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Axiom Label & Packaging

February 2020 | LOS ANGELES, CA

Axiom Label & Packaging is a premier supplier of label, shrink sleeve and flexible packaging products for brands on the West Coast and throughout the nation. In 2020, Axiom joined Resource Label Group as their sixth California-based press site — broadening Resource Label’s foothold in the state, and further expanding their coast-to-coast reach.

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Resource Label Today

Today, Resource Label Group continues to invest in the technology, service and personnel to produce the finest brand packaging. We consistently earn the confidence and trust of our customers by providing innovative products for an ever-changing market. With facilities across North America, our national reach includes a local touch– personalized service at a location near you. Contact us today for quality, service, and creative label solutions you can trust.

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