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Brand Security

Protect Your Healthcare Brand’s Reputation with Security Technologies

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Brand Security

Counterfeiters work tirelessly to replicate pharmaceutical packaging components to deliver fraudulent drugs into even the most regulated health systems. Advancements in printed security technology is forever changing, and finding the right solution to protect your patients can be overwhelming.

Brand Security

Brand Security and Authentication Options for Packaging and Labeling

RLG Healthcare has a team dedicated to staying current in the most efficient and effective anti-counterfeiting options and a documented performance history within several sectors. We can help you protect your healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology and other healthcare brands with custom-tailored security strategies and solutions. We understand that patient protection is your priority, and we have the capabilities to help you achieve your goals.

Build Layers of Protection Into Your Packaging

RLG Healthcare has designed a system for security and authenticity based on three tiers of protective products and techniques, from simple, low-cost options to smart technologies. 

Printed, Variable & Serialized Labels

Helping your distributors and consumers identify your products as authentic is becoming increasingly important as the quantity of counterfeit medical products on the market continues to rise. Labeling and packaging solutions can offer you both overt and covert methods for ensuring your products can be identified and traced back to you as the origin. 

  • Variable data labels
    • Including post-printing of variable data

    • Labels printed in a single run with data that varies from label to label
  • UV Protection Indicators & Temperature Indicators
    • Special liquid coating that protects labels from ultraviolet light 
  • Holographic labels
    • Holograms incorporated into the design of a label can augment security features and increase visual appeal 
  • Micro Text for product authentication
    • Small print design increases security measures while being invisible to the naked eye  
  • Invisible ink or hidden indicia
    • Hide or encode messages, serial numbers, batch ids or other identifying marks with special inks 
  • Serialized labels
    • Offer a way to track your products based on more specific data, including serial numbers 

Tamper Resistant & Tamper Evident

Packaging and labels that make it difficult to open, cartons that have one or more indicators or barriers to entry, and shrink bands that secure a product’s cap or lid – each of these solutions allow you to show signs when a product has been opened or tampered with. These overt packaging solutions help protect your customer and your brand reputation. Our team can help you design the solution that works best for your product and package. 

  • Tamper seals & carton seals 
  • Tamper-evident shrink sleeve bands for full-product body sleeves 
  • Full-graphic tamper bands 
  • Tamper-evident void labels 

Taggant, NFC & RFID Labels

Smart labels provide the most advanced security and protection, with tracking, traceability and anti-counterfeiting features. Smart solutions such as Taggant, NFC or RFID require additional devices or equipment to verify products, while providing a high level of security and protection. 

In addition, RFID can assist you with inventory management and distribution, compliance with the US Drug Quality Security Act (DSCSA) requirements for a full interoperable electronic track and trace system and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) recommendations concerning the supply chain tracking. 

  • Smart labels
    • Create a dynamic interaction with by incorporating near field communication (NFC) label tags 
    • RFID tags provide individual product tracking functionality 
    • Read more about RFID and Smart labels
  • Taggant (covert/overt)
    • Taggant based systems for specialized application

Brand Security

Counterfeit Medications Are a Major Health Concern:


Die annually from counterfeit and substandard medication1


Counterfeit medication packages seized in 20212 


COVID-19 medical devices units in 20212 

Seized Counterfeit Product
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Counterfeit medications rose in 2020, up from 10th in 20193 

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