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Shrink Sleeves

RLG Healthcare Offers Tamper Evident Seals and Full-body Shrink Sleeves

Shrink Sleeves
Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeves are an indispensable tool for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. They offer attractive appearance, durability and cost-effectiveness as well as security benefits. Shrink sleeves generally increase your label surface by 150% over traditional pressure-sensitive labels for a mere 25% larger investment. 

Shrink Sleeves

Shrink Sleeves Offer a Wide Range of Packaging Benefits

RLG Healthcare can create 360-degree designs at reduced costs and turnaround times with shrink sleeves. These flexible labels are common for healthcare and pharma-related markets because they can be applied to plastic, glass or metal containers. 

Product Safety

Tamper-evident packaging ensures product safety and brand security. Built-in tamper evidence makes shrink tamper bands and full-body shrink sleeves especially popular for pharmaceutical bottles and over-the-counter products

More Print Area

The expanded label surface makes it easy to include all of the information you need to comply with regulations while maintaining optimal shelf appeal. 

Brand Experience

You can deliver optimal shelf appeal when you deliver a 360-degree brand experience. Utilize all of the space on your bottle or unusual shaped package with a full-body shrink sleeve. Shrink sleeves also make it easier for you to adjust for new promotions and unplanned changes to your text or graphics. 

Durable Labels

Shrink sleeves are highly durable materials, which makes them ideal for pharmaceutical products that must withstand moisture, friction and high temperatures. They resist abrasion, moisture and potential damage from chemicals. 

Learn More About This Effective Labeling and Packaging Solution

With the professionalism of our team and our continuous search for the best solutions we offer premium shrink sleeves for all your pharmaceutical needs. Compared to the standard we are the best in the global market. Our mission is to offer diversified solutions. 

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