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Clinical Research Labeling Solutions
Clinical Research Labeling Solutions

Are you a small or mid-sized pharma or biotechnology company who needs packaging, labeling and kitting from a partner who knows the importance of maintaining compliance?

RLG Healthcare’s processes ensure that your specs are met by providing clinical labeling, packaging and medical literature solutions. We know how to develop and implement custom-tailored solutions for both healthcare settings and for clinical trials with our cutting-edge technology.

Clinical Labeling and Packaging Products and Services

RLG Healthcare offers a full range of products ranging from conventional clinical labels and clinical booklet labels specific to your clinical trials requirements. Through our strict quality manufacturing protocols and processes, we deliver with urgency and accuracy
We offer:
  • Clinical booklet labels
  • Conventional clinical labels
  • Clinical trial foldout labels
  • Clinical trial wrap labels
  • Custom-tailored labels

When you need a partner who can meet your criteria and achieve optimal effectiveness for clinical settings and for clinical trials with efficiency and experience look to RLG Healthcare.

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