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Smart Packaging & RFID

Smart Packaging Solutions for Authenticity, Inventory & Traceability

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Across industries, manufacturers are incorporating smart labels. Retail has been leading the way, but healthcare is quickly following as regulations and guidance have spurred higher requirements for tracking and traceability. Pharmaceutical and medical device organizations are adopting smart packaging and smart label technologies across their supply chain. 

Smart Packaging & RFID

Deploying Smart Packaging Solutions for Your Organization

How can you drive efficiency, provide differentiation, operate smartly and protect your products, consumers and brand reputation? RLG Healthcare can guide your implementation of smart labels to manage, monitor and authenticate your products. 

Smart Labels can serve multiple purposes for your organization: 

  • Inventory Control 
  • Supply Chain Management 
  • Product Traceability  
  • Product Authentication 
  • Enhanced Brand Experience 

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) Labels

RFID labels are used to track and identify healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical device products throughout the supply chain. This assists you and your customers with inventory and restocking. RLG Healthcare can provide you with the guidance you need to encode RFID inlays into your labeling and packing solution. 

RFID labels contain a tiny computer chip and antennas that use radio waves to communicate information. Building-wide systems and handheld devices can be utilized in warehouses, distribution centers and healthcare settings for inventory, verification and other tracking purposes. 

Near-field Communication (NFC) Labels & QR Codes

Using part RFID and part Bluetooth, these smart labels are more convenient for the user interpreting the embedded content. That allows for creative sharing of content because it can be accessed by more end-users. For example, other industries incorporate NFC labels to deliver unique brand experiences such as augmented reality – think a wine bottle character that speaks to you when you scan the code on your phone. 

In healthcare, your organization can use NFC labels to deliver branded video content to add a layer of patient or physician engagement. The additional details and experience can help you educate physicians or enhance compliance by patients. 

QR Codes can be used in a similar manner, but with a more recognizable footprint on your labels. Customers have become increasingly comfortable with scanning codes to gain more information via their phones. 

Product Security & Temperature Indication

Batch numbers, lot numbers, serialization – all of these tools can be embedded into bar codes or variable data to meet your security needs. Serialized numerical identifiers (SNIs) at the product- and pallet-level, allowing for verification of each unit from raw material to finished, saleable product throughout the supply chain. 

Some medications and vaccines have rigid temperature requirements that require specialized temperature indicator and tracking labels. These labels are designed to provide visual signs when the product is exposed to high heat or extremely low temperatures. They can also be created to offer continuous monitoring and record a permanent, irreversible reading for the highest or lowest temperature attained. 

Pharma Labels

Ready to Invest in Smart Packaging?

RLG Healthcare has delivered thousands of smart packaging solutions for brands across the country — and can do the same for your brand. Contact us if you’re ready to invest in smart packaging and RFID technology. We’ll guide you in tailoring a smart labeling solution to meet your healthcare or pharma-related organization’s strategic objects and goals. 

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