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Invested in Meeting Your Sustainability Goals

Focus Frame - Sustainability

If you’re like most companies in the healthcare, pharmaceutical or medical device space, you’ve been challenged to find ways to increase your sustainability. We assist our customers in understanding the role that their packaging and labeling products play in a circular economy. We bring one of the largest networks of printing, packaging and labeling expertise to sustainability challenges and offer the latest techniques,  materials and technologies to help you find sustainable solutions.

We Practice Sustainability

Last year, our nationwide facilities saved 12,556 trees, 4,361,000 gallons of water and 24,625 pounds of VOC pollution. You can rest assured that your desire to protect the precious environment is shared by RLG Healthcare. 

We can help you develop eco-friendly labeling and packaging options that are more sustainable. These labels can be just as cost-effective, won’t disrupt your supply chain or product line and are just as eye-catching as the ones you’re using now.

Helping You Switch to Sustainable Packaging

Our sustainable packaging goes beyond printing. Work with RLG Healthcare so we can leverage our supply chains to put your sustainability goals into action.  We help you reach your sustainability goals by consulting with you to alter packaging design, use more recyclable materials, change adhesives and more!

We can create, promote and deliver eco-friendly packaging and labeling solutions to work toward a better future. 

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Our Certified Facilities Keep You Compliant

Never second-guess whether your industry requirements are being met. Our facilities have many quality certifications, including facilities that have achieved multiple ISO standards — ISO 9001:2015, ISO 15378:2017, ISO 13485, ISO 9008:2015.