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Solutions Engineering

Innovative Solutions Engineered Specifically for Healthcare Sectors

Focus Frame - Solutions Engineering

Time is money for you, your team and your customers. You need the turnkey, just-in-time printing and packaging solutions engineering of RLG Healthcare to support your essential operations. 

Our in-house, cross-functional innovation team offers labeling or packaging solutions that meet the quality requirements of your products. 

Industry-Proven Package Designs and Prototypes

From folding cartons to customer starter kits, RLG Healthcare has the best subject matter experts. We work side-by-side with clients to ideate, print and package your product to perfection. Our engineers can pick the right package solution.

We work together to provide industry-proven package formats and prototypes that meet your needs with a number of resources and processes, including: 

  • Prototyping – 3D packaging software provides samples for product mockups. 
  • Trial Testing – performs trial and sample testing utilizing team collaboration and software tools.   
  • New Product Launches – Collaboration for new product and process development, problem solving and product launching. 

You also get the benefit of increased security, anti-counterfeit protection and digital connectivity with QR codes. 

Solutions Engineering

Experience the Advantages of Partnering with Us

As label and packaging experts, we utilize comprehensive technical and engineering skills to make your products stand out with a variety of quality labels delivered on-time and on-budget. We are responsive partners who will speed up your time to market and provide quick turnaround on any last-minute requests.  

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Our Certified Facilities Keep You Compliant

Never second-guess whether your industry requirements are being met. Our facilities have many quality certifications, including facilities that have achieved multiple ISO standards — ISO 9001:2015, ISO 15378:2017, ISO 13485, ISO 9008:2015.