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On-Demand Customer Portals Keep Your Supply Chain Moving

On-Demand Customer Portals

Pharmaceutical and medical marketing materials and literature are under strict guidelines, regulations and standards. Staying on top of the changes to regulations and its impact on your materials is key to ensuring physicians and patients get the healthcare resources they need.

Medical product manufacturers need a partner that they can work closely with to establish a consistent and compliant portal for printing, ordering and shipping your marketing materials. This digital storefront should bring a dynamic combination of expertise, creativity and innovation to your literature management, fulfillment and reporting.

Advantages of Customer Portals for Literature Management and Packaging

Medicinal product, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, as well as their vendors and distributors, need a portal that is user-friendly and efficient for their internal marketing teams and field sales teams. The benefits from the valuable functions within a customer portal are numerous and include:

  • Quick fulfillment turnaround — in days, not weeks!
  • Assurance that the materials are your most up-to-date and compliant
  • Consistent and reliable chain of custody
  • Unmatched expertise
  • Web-to-print e-commerce
  • Customized brand solutions
  • Quality assurance of the printed materials
  • Single sign-on and on-demand access for production, sales and marketing teams
  • Pre-approved company templates for personalized materials, such as business cards
  • Ability to place orders 24/7

Robust Reporting Provided by Customer Portals

Data is critical to keeping a supply chain moving. Customers must be able to track fulfillment of orders and gain access to real-time reports to review ROI.
The ideal customer portal would have these reporting capabilities and more, including:

  • Order tracking/history, including order date, delivery method, quantities, products ordered, packing slips, invoices, etc.
  • Schedules
  • Sample requests
  • Integration with label and packaging partners and IT services
  • Internal communications, including automated weekly or on-demand data for marketers
  • Online inventory balances and usage reports

“We support and provide our customers with our fully integrated online Digital Storefront. The DSF enables customers to track orders and understand how many pieces have been distributed on any given day, week or month so they can make internal decisions based on those results,” says Paige Happ, Senior Account Representative for RLG Healthcare.

“At the end of the day, we provide speed, accuracy and deliverables seamlessly. Our customers win because they’re able to provide those marketed products to the field quickly, safely and effectively and that helps save lives,” she says.

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