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The Real-Time Transformation in Pharmaceutical Marketing

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industries have undergone a significant transformation in their marketing strategies. Producing marketing materials to support healthcare is a challenge when regulatory requirements are constantly shifting.

How can you stay compliant, avoid penalties and reduce scrutiny on your promotional efforts? You need innovative ways to make sure your materials are in front of physicians when they’re ready to make prescribing decisions and in front of patients when they’re thinking about their health conditions and treatment options.

Changing Environment for Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare companies and physicians have drastically changed the way they present healthcare information. Three major factors explain this pivot:

  • As specialty medicine R&D continues, an overwhelming number of new drugs are entering the market. This leads to physicians being challenged to find and understand new medications for their patients.
  • The window of time for a pharmaceutical company to reach a prescriber with the right medication for their patient is often very small. This makes an accurate, real-time, data-driven strategy essential in pharmaceutical marketing.
  • The healthcare sector, which was once an industry that relied heavily on face-to-face interactions in its marketing strategies, has seen a significant uptick in digital communication channels, sometimes to the detriment of clinical education and physician knowledge.

The solution is to make sure your materials stand out, and that they are in the right hands and the right time to make an impact. Innovative and engaging literature pieces still have a place in your marketing strategy. But they only work if they end up in the hands of your sales team, your physician audiences and your patients.

Our team has the experience to guide you in designing your in-office marketing promotions – from clinical evidence literature to sample boxes and office counter displays.

With an online ordering system, you make it possible for real-time marketing efforts – whether that enables your customer to order literature directly from you or for your sales team to order the materials they need in the field. Sales enablement with these tools empowers your organization to deliver real-time marketing in-person.

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You need depth of expertise when selecting a supplier for your pharmaceutical literature. At RLG Healthcare, we draw on decades of industry experience and adhere to guidelines such as ISO 13485 and cGMP. With us as your literature partner, you can expect fast turns, version control, tracking and serialization and the convenient technology tools to support your team.

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