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Staying Ahead in the Healthcare Marketing Compliance Game

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Operating in the healthcare sector means constantly navigating shifting regulatory requirements. Manufacturing printed products that promote healthcare services and organizations comes with its unique challenges, and staying compliant is crucial to avoid penalties. But the task isn’t always easy.

When faced with the task of ensuring that footnotes and disclaimers are always up-to-date, human errors can creep in. Read “Beyond Print and Production: Streamlining Marketing Fulfillment for Your Pharmaceutical Sales Team” for a deep dive on finding a dependable partner to maintain industry-compliant marketing and labeling materials and reduce the burden on your healthcare company.

Critical Challenges in Healthcare Marketing Compliance

Companies in the healthcare sector maintain high standards for accuracy and quality control of their marketing and labeling materials — in part due to their FDA compliance needs. As digital technologies have accelerated creative production, the ability to maintain consistency and ensure materials are always up to date – and compliant — has gotten even trickier.

Staying compliant means overcoming a broad spectrum of issues to deliver the best possible marketing materials. Best practices for ensuring compliant marketing materials include:

  • Maintaining a “single point of truth,” monitoring version control and obsoletion throughout the creation process.
  • Taking advantage of ease of online ordering and inventory management, which will cut costs and remove the complexity from sales collateral distribution.
  • Having access to real-time insights into inventory with tracking and metrics alongside a consolidated print management solution that keeps costs down.
  • Relying on manufacturers that use quality processes to ensure accuracy and eliminate risk – well before products leave the production facility.

Download the Pharmaceutical Materials Fulfillment Whitepaper

You need depth of expertise when selecting a supplier for your pharmaceutical materials. At Resource Label Group, we draw on decades of industry experience and adhere to regulatory guidelines. With us as your fulfillment partner, you can be sure to stay compliant with FDA-approved specifications.

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