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Strategic Fulfillment of Your Pharmaceutical Marketing & Literature

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Pharmaceutical, healthcare, medical device and life science companies need to resonate powerfully with their audience. You need to choose wisely when it comes to the words and images that represent your brand on labeling, promotional literature and packaging — or find experts that can choose for you.

Find a fulfillment partner who understands the healthcare industry. Read “Beyond Print and Production: Streamlining Marketing Fulfillment for Your Pharmaceutical Sales Team” to find out more about the benefits of strategically engaging a trusted print and packaging partner.

Unlock the Power of Expert Marketing Fulfillment Services

Delegating the management of your labeling and marketing collateral to fulfillment experts is not just about efficiency; it’s about guaranteeing consistency, control and compliance. Top warehousing systems not only handle printing needs but also offer branded portals that enable streamlined ordering and shipping.

Such services act as insurance, covering everything from printing to distribution. Furthermore, engaging a provider elevates the service experience for your team in a variety of meaningful ways, including:

  • ISO-9001 certified manufacturing processes
  • Risk mitigation strategies
  • High-resolution previews
  • Unique identification such as bar codes, QR codes or RFID to guarantee compliance with regulatory requirements such as the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA)

In short, finding a strategic partner is the way forward for healthcare marketing, labeling and packaging.

The best outsourced warehousing systems have a branded portal. This provides access to digital content that enables ordering and shipping your pharmaceutical/medical device collateral to physicians’ offices so it can be distributed to patients. This service can be an “insurance policy” for your printing, cutting, assembly, distribution and reporting.

Download the Pharmaceutical Materials Fulfillment Whitepaper

Resource Label Group’s just-in-time pharmaceutical packaging and printing solutions will speed your time to market, ensure consistency and quality, and unlock the true potential of your healthcare brand. Read “Beyond Print and Production: Streamlining Marketing Fulfillment for Your Pharmaceutical Sales Team” to find out more.

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