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Authenticity label solutions

Protect consumers and your brand with the latest anti-counterfeit capabilities.

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Counterfeit products can harm valued customers and damage the public’s perception of your brand. Companies with poor authenticity security risk losing customers, especially in the pharmaceutical, wine and spirit, nutraceutical and cosmetic sectors. Don’t let tampering and counterfeiting ruin your hard-earned brand reputation.

As a national partner with a local presence, we offer the most advanced anti-counterfeiting measures available along with custom solutions for your exact needs. Together, we’ll provide the best protection for your products. 

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The overt and covert approaches to anti-counterfeiting

Brands use overt security elements like decorations and special finishes to create a difficult-to-counterfeit brand signature. Think of the elaborate seals printed on U.S. currency. Covert, hidden security elements include invisible or UV inks, invisible watermarks, ink taggants and infrared ink. These measures help keep track of products (particularly pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals) to ensure they don’t fall out of the authorized supply chain. The most protected products combine a unique brand signature and a more sophisticated covert protection.


Tamper-evident solutions

Tamper-evident solutions prevent people from replacing or altering products within your packaging. Authentication methods verify the product is provided by the original producer. Tracking capabilities confirm secure transportation from production to retail to the consumer. Take advantage of anti-counterfeit solutions like:

Undetectable features

Invisible inks and microtext (only visible under magnification)

Specialty finishes

Holograms, specialty foils, specialty inks, laser-cut shapes or images in the label and other components that are difficult to replicate


Variable printing for unique lot number tracking and much smaller 2D barcodes

Wide variety

Shrink sleeve, pressure-sensitive and film labels create a seal over product openings and materials to reveal void messages when peeled

Bulk authentication

Tamper-evident pallet banding for bulk authentication

Smart solutions

RFID tags, RFID/NFC blockchain, NFC tags, and QR codes consumer digital authentication


Full-scale capabilities

We’ve mastered authenticity solutions and will tailor the perfect fit for your brand.

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