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Equipment and machine nameplates can do more than display boiled down info.

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Working with us

Equipment and machine nameplates

Durables require nameplates capable of communicating your brand’s identity and other important information for the long lives of the products. We’ve got the sturdy materials you need for the long haul, including aluminum, brass, stainless steel, cold rolled steel, photosensitive aluminum, special alloys and various synthetic materials.

Partner with label experts to hone an edge over your competition with the best fit, finish and color fidelity in the business.

You’ll find a vast array of nameplate solutions for every stage of the label manufacturing process, from first run prototypes to low- and high-volume applications. We can provide with capabilities like lamination and embossing. We also offer screen printing, digital printing and flexography, as well as steel rule and rotary die cutting.

Color matching precision is achieved with spot colors to meet brand identity standards.

Large assortment of UL/CSA recognized materials

Wide variety of nameplate materials and adhesives

Value engineering & specification review

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High-impact graphics, specialized materials and cutting-edge processes

Partner with experienced durables labeling experts and take advantage of cutting-edge methods for your equipment and machine nameplates. We know what it takes to create successful labels for a broad range of industries — including networking and telecom, semiconductor, automotive, electronics, appliances, medical and biotech, as well as computer and peripherals. The real question is, what can we do for you?

Format variety

Choose from sheets, rolls, individually cut, custom prototypes and sets

Material range

Find polyester, polycarbonate, and PET options 

Custom finishes

Get printed textures, varnishes and materials to optimize product identity and match overall equipment appearance

Adhesives and rivets

Add high-performance transfer adhesive and/or riveted holes to any product

Bill of materials

Full range of substrates, varnishes, laminates & finishes to optimize appearance and durability

Engineering drawings

Collaborate on development and validation of parts & engineering drawings to ensure seamless integration into manufacturing process