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Inspire sales with creative promotional labels

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Engage new customers and markets

The right promotional labels can help your products convey your message and showcase your brand. Perfect for targeted promotions, testing new markets or preparing for a big event, our custom labels help you drive sales and stay top of mind.

A coupon to save $1 on string cheese

Instant redeemable coupons (IRCs)

IRCs are intricate and often come with retailer-specific requirements.

We understand the details behind them and walk you through the process of getting your labels just right.

IRCs provide a unique opportunity to connect with your customers and drive sales. The right IRC labels help you stand out on shelves as shoppers look for deals they can use right away. Though simple to use, IRCs do come with challenges like smaller print runs, retailer sizing requirements and industry-specific regulations.

Peel and reveal game pieces on Jack in the Box cups

Game and sweepstakes pieces

Using peel-and-reveal technology, these labels display a future redeemable prize when opened.

These highly regulated game pieces and sweepstakes labels can only be produced by a small group of companies, and Resource Label Group is one of them.

A promotional label peeling open to reveal a prize

Peel-and-reveal technology

Custom peel-and-reveal labels are a convenient way to incentivize customers.

Often used as in-store promotions, these labels inspire additional purchases with on-package coupons. Our innovative two-ply construction makes peeling simple.

Peel and reseal promotional labels shaped like a football

Reverse decoder technology

Reverse decoder products contain a scrambled half of a winning or non-winning message.

These labels are primarily used to drive customer traffic to a particular destination where they can find the second half of the message. This product is useful for building informational databases with potential customer information.

Scratch and sniff labels on a table

Scent technology

Scent technology has been used in custom scratch-and-sniff label applications for decades.

Today, we have printers that instill labels with aromas, some lasting up to 10 years with scent capsules placed into adhesives.

A child ID card with Pro-Lift for capturing fingerprints

Safety ID cards

Safety ID cards carry personal information.

They may contain information such as medical details, an identifying picture, a DNA sample and fingerprints. Everything is contained on the substrate with our protective Pro-Lift™ film.

Biodegradable seed labels

Our seed labels bloom and grow when planted and cared for by your customers.

With a clear film base, inked paper and seeds affixed to its surface, we make it easy to order eco-friendly biodegradable labels.

Closeup of the Pro-lift fingerprint capturing area of a child ID card

Pro-Lift™ technology

This patented technology was designed to help law enforcement gather and preserve prints.

Pro-Lift™ is compact, easy to manage and eliminates the risk of secondary prints with a durable, weatherproof adhesive.

Clean release card peeling away from the liner

Clean-release cards and magnets

Clean-release cards and magnets can be affixed to packages, direct mailers and publication pages.

These labels are often used as temporary membership, discount or loyalty cards. We help you customize designs and add scratch-off or scented layers.

Promotional scratch-off game cards on metallized paper

Scratch-off labels and game pieces

These clear film labels come with scratch-off coatings.

With multiple layers, winning and non-winning messages remain hidden under benday patterns and colors as well as scratch-off material.


We offer complete customization

With specialty capabilities in digital, flexographic and screen printing, we can create cost-effective and engaging promotional product labels.


Customize each label for total promotional flexibility

Large & small

Print small orders for short-term promotions

Unique IDs

Incorporate unique QR and coupon codes

Custom image

Use a different image on every labels in a print run


Change your messaging based on audience, region or season 


Track your products with RFID labels

Extended content

Fit lengthy content on extended content labels

Unique coupons

Create unique coupons for scratch-off labels and game pieces

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