Introducing EASESENTIALS™, Resource Label Group’s suite of easy-to-use, essential applications that simplify customer processes. EASESENTIALS includes 4 key solutions: ARTWORKS, DIRECT TRACK, VIRTUAL CHECK, and SITE AUDIT.

Approve/Reject Art
Annotate On Screen
Verify Barcodes

Easily Order/Reorder
View Order History
Search History
Preview Art

Remote Press Check
5x Digital Zoom
HD View
Quick & Easy

Remote  Plant Visit
Safe & Secure
Complete Site Audit
Facility Tours


Making art work by providing easy to use tools to get your labels ready for press:

ARTWORKS™ is an easy-to-use online management and collaboration solution for label design specifications and art approvals, with discussion tools that streamline the process of label design review.

3X faster art approvals   |   Streamline label supply   |   Integrate file management

ARTWORKS is designed to

  • Eliminate the extra steps traditional proof cycles create
  • Quickly and conveniently review and approve art files
  • Track and manage all assets from one place
  • Track art file status: approved, rejected, or awaiting revisions
  • Streamline project communication and declutter email
  • Easy access for multiple proofing participants

Tools & features

  • View color separations
  • Verify barcodes
  • Compare versions
  • Make comments/annotations
  • Discussions between RLG or customer teams
  • Approve or Reject proofs
  • View past projects
  • Zoom, rotate, invert & measure
  • Turn colors on/off
  • View versions side-by-side
  • Make notes right on the proof
  • Instantly approve or reject



Easily direct and track your label orders:

DIRECT TRACK™ is an easy-to-use online portal you can use to see your complete order history and order status, label specifications, and artwork. Products you have ordered from us can be re-ordered, and you can collaborate with us on new orders.

Complete Order History   |   Easy to Re-order Labels   |   Searchable

Product & order details

  • Customers can easily reorder any products we have for them in our system
  • View product details
  • View previous orders
  • View size, stock, colors, finish, and packaging information
  • Searchable, sortable order history
  • Artwork is stored with each project
  • New art can be uploaded

Collaboration tools

Customers can use the Discussions tool to communicate back and forth with their CSR.

  • Discussions are archived
  • Search current or past discussions



Virtually check and sign-off on artwork prior to production. Ask your Customer Service Representative if  VIRTUAL CHECK™ is available at your location.

New realities have created a need for new tools, and the need to adapt to changing circumstances. Resource Label Group offers Virtual Press Checks for our customers who prefer not to visit a facility.

Save Time/increase Speed   |   Eliminate Need to Travel   |   Reduce Costs

Our Virtual Check process is designed to

  • Calibrated, controlled lighting environment ensures color accuracy
  • Enhanced digital magnification of label proofs
  • Real-time HD video provides sharp detail on both text and graphics
  • A quick and convenient way to approve a printed press proof
  • Easy access for multiple press check participants
  • High-definition displays are available for customer use during the press check

What’s checked in the process

  • Material
  • Texture
  • Color
  • Text (context and fonts)
  • Image(s) (size, placement, and resolution)
  • Dimension / Registration
  • Any other print issues



SITE AUDIT™ allows for contactless auditing and live facility tours. Standardized equipment and processes ensure professional presentations. Ask your Customer Service Representative if SITE AUDIT is available at your location.

Safe & Secure    |   Contactless   |   Live

SITE AUDIT allows for remote visits

  • Facility auditing
  • Quality auditing
  • ISO certification processes
  • Plant tours
  • Live conferencing


Reduce or eliminate travel costs

Safe, secure process during COVID