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Extended content labels

Extended content labels give you more room to tell your brand story

Working with us

Get space-saving, cost-reducing label solutions

Ideal for educating customers and leaving an impression, extended content labels (ECLs) increase packaging space to convey in-depth information. Educate with detailed regulatory information, drive sales with promotions and leave an impression with engaging branded content — your label’s possibilities just got an extension. 

Booklet labels

Use bound or folded inserts to pack extensive information into a small area and achieve maximum branding. Include safety information, share recipes or include content in multiple languages — the possibilities are endless.

Learn more about booklet labels.

Peel-and-reseal labels

All the benefits of a booklet, with a convenient resealable closure. Peel-and-reseal labels provide additional space to include more regulatory, product or promotional information than traditional labels allow.

Learn more about peel-and-reseal labels.

Dry release labels

Dry release labels have a hinge, provide up to three pages of art and can use up to five colors. Develop a custom extended content label (ECL) to share more information and tell a richer story when space is limited.

Learn more about dry release labels.

Wrap labels

Easily add custom branding, run promotions and fit compliance information onto your product. Wrap labels peel-back and unroll while still adhering to the package, and can be resealed at any moment.

Learn more about wrap labels.


We offer complete customization

Our extensive digital and flexographic printing capabilities mean we can engineer your extended content label exactly to your brand’s needs.

Meet compliance

Include safety information, ingredient lists and instructions in multiple languages

Run promotions

Boost sales by adding coupons, sweepstake pieces and cross-product promotions

Enhanced branding

Drive customer engagement with more room to tell your brand story

Educate shoppers

Fit lengthy content like recipes and suggested product uses

Cost effective

Avoid switching to larger containers by fitting information on small bottles

Free Guide

A guide to extended content labels

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