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RFID tags

RFID labels for inventory and tracking made simpler

Working with us

Enhance visibility and efficiency across your supply chain

RFIDs drive efficiency, provide differentiation and help your brand operate smarter. These product labels, also called smart labels, are embedded with technology used for tagging and tracking your products for inventory and security. Together, we can grow your business smarter.


We offer complete customization

Manufacturing custom RFID tracking labels are no small undertaking; it’s not a system you want to implement with a first timer. We’ve delivered thousands of RFID systems for brands across the country — and can do the same for your brand.

Seed-to-sale traceability 

Follow government tracking standards for cannabis, CBD and hemp products

Prevent counterfeiting

Reliable, secure labels enhance pharmaceutical, retail and healthcare products

Efficient inventory

Locate products, automatically log inventory and get actionable logistics data

Multiple label formats

Produce prime labels and unprinted thermal labels

Guaranteed quality

We can meet ISO 9001-2000 process to ensure quality and consistency 


RFID readers identify as many as 700 products per second, speeding up inventory

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