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A smarter way to label cannabis and CBD products

Distinguish your brand. Build customer recognition with your CBD and hemp flower products.

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Distinguish your brand

Custom labeling distinguishes your cannabis and CBD products from competitors, builds trust with your customers and cost-effectively meets state regulations. We’ll guide you through the process involved in producing quality labels for flower, edible, topical and tincture products.

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Create eye-catching yet economical container labels for any application, including CBD oil, edibles and gummies, soft gels, salves, beverages and more.

We work with any CBD product, but each one includes different regulatory considerations. Work with our label compliance experts to stay within regulatory requirements for all your products.

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Jars and vials

Don’t settle for the unimaginative pharmacy look. Harness our design expertise to create a striking label for a wide range of applications, whether you run a dispensary, grow operation or processing facility.

Add dynamic labeling to glass, pop-top and reversible cap vials. Show what your brand’s all about with standout vial labels that include the required product information. Your customers won’t mistake your cannabis for anything else on the store shelf — or in their medicine cabinet.

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People reach for topical ointments for relief from uncomfortable skin and muscle conditions. Assure your customers that help is on the way by incorporating comforting colors and design elements into your label.

With a little art and a lot of attention to detail, your label designs can capture the sense of relief that customers look for in your CBD ointments. And we’ll help you make labels strong enough to last until long after the customer needs a refill.

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Vape is an increasingly competitive market. Liquid CBD labels need distinctive shelf appeal, and they’ve also got to stay in place if the customer spills solution on the container.

It can be challenging for brands with a small footprint to meet differing label regulations. Take advantage of every advanced information and outreach method you can to spread your impact. Variable data printing can help keep your products current and QR codes take customers directly to your desired webpages.

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Plastic bags and pouches

Plastic bags and pouches are simple to manufacture and require little material investment, making them a highly economical way to package CBD flower. And they offer two bold faces for appealing brand art.

But there’s a lot more we can do with a little plastic. Variable data printing can change product information quickly and efficiently. And QR codes can instantly direct your customers to more information about your brands and products.

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There’s more than one way to package a tincture. But no matter what, the label must be durable enough to stay on if the customer spills the product on the container.

Work with the experts to find the best materials, adhesives and coatings to efficiently create long-lasting labels with shelf appeal. Pressure-sensitive labels have been a go-to option for many comfort products and may be a great choice for you.

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Roll tubes

There isn’t much room for branding on a roll tube, but we’ll help you make the most of it and ensure your labels are ready for the rough-and-tumble life in your customers’ pockets and purses.

Shrink sleeves are a great way to wrap your roll tubes in 360-degree branding, and they include tamper evidence for added customer security.

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Full-scale capabilities

Laws vary greatly depending on the type of cannabis or hemp product you market. There are respective label requirements for edibles, vapors and non-intoxicating CBD wellness products. Our longstanding industry experience and wide-reaching network footprint make us an ideal collaborator across products. We can help you design a label template that’s easily customized to print different product information for all your CBD offerings.