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Custom graphic overlays

Commit to functional and durable overlays engineered to your specifications and tolerances.

Graphic overlay solutions

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Because touchpoints shouldn’t fade

OEMs like you hold your equipment to the highest standards — and that equipment needs reliable interfaces and machinery nameplates that stand up to constant use. Anything else endangers your end user. Remove operational risk and partner with a UL-recognized, CSA-accepted custom graphic overlay manufacturer who will deliver exactly to your specifications.

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Customized labels that last a lifetime

Graphic overlays often refer to functional labels which serve as an integral equipment component.

Graphic overlays

Graphic overlays are a component or machines and equipment that complement identification, user interface, ease of use and consistent operation. Graphic overlays need to be legible, and fit precisely together with the equipment, which calls for accurate engineering, printing and precise diecutting.

Our overlays are manufactured in a variety of materials to demanding specifications for machines in a diverse range of industries and applications.

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One piece of equipment can (and often does) have both a nameplate and a graphic overlay.

Both have to remain legible and intact — without fading, peeling or tearing — throughout the entirety of the product lifecycle. A nameplate will just be simpler — it won’t have a membrane switch, embossed buttons, LED lights, windows or any other features common on functional graphic overlays.

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Membrane switches

If the graphic overlay is the conduit between the user and the piece of equipment, the membrane switch is the conduit between the button and the circuit board, telling the equipment to perform the desired action when a button is pressed.

We have the capabilities to provide OEMs with the entire equipment interface — including the five-layer membrane switch and the outer graphic layer — manufactured precisely to their specifications.

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Guiding you through the manufacturing process

Graphic overlays often refer to functional labels which serve as an integral equipment component.

Material selection

Find the right fit with a variety of polyester and polycarbonate materials

Adhesive expertise

Leverage a portfolio of proven, medical-grade adhesives

Windows and backlighting

Enhance visibility of displays and screens

Embossed buttons

Offer tactile guidance to users

Selective texturing

Add coatings to windows and buttons

Die cutting capabilities

Ensure a precise fit

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