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Die-cut components

Make the cookie cutter method vibrant and dynamic with precisely engineered parts suitable for detailed equipment and application uses.

Working with us

Complete graphic application solutions

Cut complex shapes to extremely close tolerances with thousands of die-cut tooling options and digital laser converting capabilities. Efficiently fulfill all your material needs through our close relationships with suppliers nationwide. Access an enormous selection of substrates, foil, adhesives, foam and rubber. We also offer an extensive variety of liners, laminates, inks and coatings.

From rudimentary circles and rectangles to more creative custom cuts, we have the tools and talents to get your vision from the drafting board to final application. Fit any form with our more than 25,000 tools (class A, steel rule and rotary) and digital laser converting capabilities — trimming, laminating, sheeting, slitting and more.

Precision manufacturing of components

Extensive tool selection and laser converting

Complex shapes and tight tolerances


Anything is possible

With specialty capabilities, we can create durable custom labels.


Insulators, EMI/RFI shielding


Gaskets, shims and spacers, shock absorbers

Adhesive options

Die-cut adhesives, slip pads, LRF components


Anti-glare, scratch-resistant display lenses

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