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Invest in the Future with Sustainable Labels

There’s never been a better time to be good stewards of the environment and practice corporate social responsibility.

We can help you develop sustainable labels that are just as cost-effective, won’t disrupt your supply chain or product line, and are just as eye-catching as the ones you’re using now.


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We offer improved material choices, more sustainable business logistics and processes, and enhanced methods for conducting business and engaging clients.

Stewardship of the planet

PLANET: Invested in stewardship of the planet we share

As Resource Label Group continues to grow, we aren’t losing sight of what’s important. Our sustainability plan focuses on reducing carbon emissions, improving energy efficiency and minimizing waste.

Wellbeing of our people and partners

PEOPLE: Dedicated to the wellbeing of employees, customers and partners

We are committed to ensuring the safety and health of our employees, to working with suppliers who share our approach and to educating ourselves and our customers on the value of sustainable practices.

Ethical practices

CUSTOMERS: Creating Positive Solutions that make a real difference

We work with our employees and customers to develop sustainable practices and solutions. Our efforts can be monitored via services such as the Carbon Disclosure Project and EcoVadis, providing transparent updates on our progress.


We Provide Integrated Solutions and Services

These solutions create real sustainable benefits through improved material choices, more sustainable business logistics and processes, and enhanced day-to-day methods on how we conduct business and engage our clients.

Nearly every product you touch has a label on it. And all those labels could be a major source of waste, ocean pollution and other environmental hazards. But they don’t have to be – especially when you produce them with Resource Label Group.

We will consider all your needs and help you decide which of our eco-friendly labeling and packaging options will serve you and your customers best.

Sustainable labels for food and beverage bottles

Our Sustainable Products

Our sourcing teams continually evaluate our supply base to ensure we’re offering a leading range of sustainable materials, while our engineers collaborate internally and with clients to develop products with a better footprint.

Our sustainable product lineup includes:

Responsibly-sourced made from renewable resources

Recycle-friendly labels

Compostable labels

Thin, lightweight labels

Labels with post-consumer-recycled (PCR) material content

Our Solutions

The way we print, package and ship can have a favorable impact on sustainability. We work together with our clients to create more efficient processes, packaging systems and press schedules to save resources and reduce waste.

Learn more about our sustainable solutions.

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Our Vision

We’ve adopted progressive methods — including resource-conscious printing techniques and innovative data management — to develop practices that focus on better solutions for the environment.

Learn more about our sustainable vision.


Transparency is key

In our effort to manage, measure and share our sustainability reports, we count on climate-focused and corporate social responsibility platforms to collect data and ensure we’re on the right path forward.

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Let’s Talk

How Can We Help?

At Resource Label Group, we are here to help you find answers to your label and packaging challenges. With a network of locations and years of expertise we are up to the task! If you prefer, please call us at 1.888. 526.8177 or click below to chat with us (M-F 8 am – 5 pm Central).