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Invested in the future

Resource Label Group is focused on sustainability, starting with sustainable labels. We’ve taken great efforts to work ahead of our industry, focusing on our impact on our planet, employees, suppliers and customers by ensuring that our policies align with our values and ethics.

Stewardship of the planet

PLANET: Invested in stewardship of the planet we share

As Resource Label Group continues to grow, we aren’t losing sight of what’s important. Our sustainability plan focuses on reducing carbon emissions, improving energy efficiency and minimizing waste.

Wellbeing of our people and partners

PEOPLE: Dedicated to the wellbeing of employees, customers and partners

We are committed to ensuring the safety and health of our employees, to working with suppliers who share our approach and to educating ourselves and our customers on the value of sustainable practices.

Ethical practices

POLICIES: Committed to ethical practices, transparency and responsible partnership

We are focused on creating a value-led culture that encourages involvement and support of our local communities and pushes us to be transparent in the measurement and results of our efforts.


We provide integrated
solutions and services

These solutions create real sustainable benefits through improved material choices, more sustainable business logistics and processes, and enhanced day-to-day methods on how we conduct business and engage our clients.

Sustainable labels for food and beverage bottles

Our Products

Our sourcing teams evaluate our supply base to ensure we’re offering a leading range of sustainable materials, while our engineers collaborate internally and with clients to develop products with a better footprint.

Learn more about our sustainable products.

Our Solutions

The way we print, package and ship can have a favorable impact on sustainability. We work together with our clients to create more efficient processes, packaging systems and press schedules to save resources and reduce waste.

Learn more about our sustainable solutions.

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Our Vision

We’ve adopted progressive methods — including resource-conscious printing techniques and innovative data management — to develop practices that focus on better solutions for the environment.

Learn more about our sustainable vision.

Our Comprehensive Sustainability Plan

Resource Label Group is working for a more sustainable future by implementing a Comprehensive Sustainability Plan in 2022– a program that will guide our business towards more responsible use of resources and lead the industry in best practices.

We are committed to the health, safety, and wellbeing of our employees, customers, and the communities we serve – which includes protecting the environment we live and work in.

To meet our social and environmental responsibilities as a business, Resource Label Group is developing a comprehensive strategy to promote conservation of shared resources through actionable measures at each site in North America.

This includes creating circular systems to tackle waste, fostering a safe & healthy workplace for our employees, and providing the most advanced solutions for our customers’ sustainable packaging needs.

Building Circular Systems

To achieve our goals and affect environmental impact at every level, we are developing corporate policies that empower our employees to help innovate and implement sustainable systems.

Sustainable solutions are ones that conserve resources – we are adopting straightforward measures at each location to reduce waste, improve energy efficiency, increase recycling, promote transparent sourcing of environmentally safe products, and educate our customers on sustainable practices.

Our comprehensive process starts by engaging our employees in the effort to develop circular systems internally. We are also working with our external partners to source the highest quality, and most affordable, sustainable products available on the market.

Resource Label Group is determined to increase efficiency across production and transportation systems in order to limit waste, and increase the use of sustainable alternatives within our supply chain.

Being a socially responsible corporation means we support sustainable systems and products at every level – and we embrace fair labor practices to maintain a safe and equitable workplace.

Improving on-site environmental health and safety measures allows our family of businesses to better serve our employees and the communities in which we operate.

Environmental Health & Safety Objectives

In addition to setting environmental impact goals that conserve natural resources, EHS goals are also important features in our sustainable business strategy. That is why meeting EHS benchmarks is a fundamental part of our Comprehensive Sustainability Plan.

We want to protect our employees’ health and safety in the workplace with fair labor practices and safety protocols that benefit our communities, customers, and the industry.

Transparency is key in achieving EHS and will be a primary focus of senior management at Resource Label Group.

We strive to maintain full compliance with policies and regulations that protect our employees’ wellbeing, and will utilize transparent monitoring procedures to ensure EHS mandates are followed effectively and equitably across the board.

Management will review Resource Label Group’s accident statistics on a regular basis to maintain an injury-free workplace, and to guarantee appropriate responses to all accident reports.

To make sure Environmental Health & Safety is managed effectively at all locations Resource Label Group has appointed a Human Resources Committee to keep apprised of compensation and safety guidelines, industry trends, and legislation that may affect our business policies. This committee also reviews any reports of non-compliance of the Global Business Ethics Guide.

Workforce Injury & Illness Reduction Measures

Employee Wellness Goals – Healthy employees are an invaluable asset to any business – they are more productive, fulfilled, motivated, and engaged in their community. They also suffer less absenteeism and improve the overall quality of the workplace environment with a positive presence.

  • Safety audits completed at a majority of our locations on an annual basis
  • Engage 300+ hours of external safety loss control consulting every year across the Resource Label Group family brand
  • Review accident report statistics each quarter with senior management
  • Manage Health & Safety Committees at each Resource Label Group location.
  • Create a program to manage environmental due-diligence prior to acquisition of all new businesses
  • Establish an Annual Recognition Rewards Program for EHS excellence at each site

Our comprehensive plan includes monetary incentives for employees who practice preventative care and undertake annual medical exams. We also maintain Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) to provide financial and legal support resources, tobacco cessation and weight loss programs, disease prevention, and mental health counseling to improve our employees’ wellbeing and quality of life.

Protecting Our Planet

Protecting the health of our planet is crucial in achieving a sustainable future – and it’s also a key component of our Comprehensive Sustainability Plan.

We support environmental protection on the local and regional level by addressing climate change through energy conservation, using resources wisely, and minimizing waste sent to the landfill through aggressive recycling programs.

In addition to our internal sustainability initiatives, we have adopted a global mindset in actively forging collaborative partnerships with suppliers, customers, and third-party associations in the industry.


Actionable Steps to Achieve Sustainability Goals:

  • We have undertaken a Full Carbon Disclosure Program for our North American Operations
  • We participate in third party sustainability websites like
  • We have started a program to record energy and water consumption at all of our US locations
  • We follow waste disposal reporting through the Watch Wire platform at
  • We practice full disclosure and transparency on our paper sources and monitor amounts from responsible sources.
  • We are working to install LED industrial lighting fixtures at each location in North America in 2022.

Forging Sustainable Partnerships

We believe that forging collaborative partnerships with our customers, suppliers, and communities helps us achieve sustainability goals in a shorter timeframe.

Supporting recycled content supply chain programs and industry-wide waste reduction are important steps to help deliver high quality products and more sustainable alternatives. Resource Label Group is committed to promoting sustainability programs without compromising the quality of our products.

Our Comprehensive Sustainability Plan represents a springboard for establishing best practices in the print industry – we will continue to innovate high-impact sustainable solutions throughout our family of businesses across North America.


Transparency is key

In our effort to manage, measure and share our sustainability reports, we count on climate-focused and corporate social responsibility platforms to collect data and ensure we’re on the right path forward.

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