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Label inventory management

Don’t want the burden of storing and managing a large label inventory? We can help.

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What we do

What is label inventory management?

Label inventory management is a form of vendor-managed inventory (VMI), where a supplier holds, tracks and manages product labels. Your supplier takes full responsibility for stocking a certain number of labels so you can receive a steady flow of them on-demand — without the costs of inventorying them yourself. The best, modern label management provides you a just-in-time (JIT) delivery system where print runs occur on short lead times. You pay the absolute minimum in inventory costs for continuous, large orders. You can view our VMI brochure here.

Rapid turnarounds

Dependable delivery

Cost efficient


Work with a knowledgeable partner

Our inventory and delivery system follows cutting-edge logistics practices, ensuring you have a reliable supply of labels to streamline your process and bring products to market.

Warehouse space 

We’ve printed thousands of labels in line with regulatory requirements.

Inventory forecasting 

We help plan your label logistics months or years in advance and manage every aspect of your inventory.

Automatic restock

Whenever your inventory runs low, we can automatically print and restock your labels.

Consistent delivery 

We can consistently deliver regular print runs year-round.

Guaranteed quality

From production to delivery, we guarantee quality and complete service.

Who we are

National Reach. Local Touch.®

When you work with Resource Label Group, you’re gaining an efficient edge over the competition. With locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, we provide the service, solutions and reach you expect from a national company, with the dedication and touch of a local partner.