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NFC labels engage your customers with a single scan

Scanning a wine label with a smartphone app

Working with us

Enhance brand experience with smart labeling technology

Create a dynamic interaction with shoppers by incorporating near field communication (NFC) label tags. Together we’ll share promotional and educational material (with lots of possibilities for personalization) in real time to encourage brand awareness and drive brand loyalty across your product lines.

Authenticity labels

Protect consumers and your brand with the latest authenticity capabilities.

QR code labels

Make interactive marketing easy. Smart labels share mobile content with a simple point, scan and go.

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We offer complete customization

As an experienced wireless NFC tag manufacturer, we can engineer the tag, print the label, and build and test for optimal performance. Our dynamic capabilities and robust experience help us bring your smart label to life.

Real-time information

Smartphones pick up the label’s passive radio signal to display updated information

Ease of use

Simply touching a smartphone to the tag creates a frictionless exchange


Place dynamic content specific to location or date for unique customer engagements 

Increase branding

Drive shoppers to read your brand story

Educate shoppers

Link to recipes and suggested product use

Boost sales

Loyalty programs and coupons drive sales now and later

Enhanced security

Use NFC labels for product authentication 

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Free Guide

Smart labeling guide

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As a national partner with a local presence, we understand the nuances of your market. Explore more resources specific to your industry.