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QR code label solutions

Make interactive marketing easy. Smart labels share mobile content with a simple point, scan and go.

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QR codes for labels and packaging

Expand the reach of your marketing campaigns with QR codes on your labels. QR codes directly link customers to brand content like coupons, contact information and augmented reality experiences. Build customer interest by providing compelling information about your products and brand. With variable data printing, we can even provide multiple label variations in one order.

Anyone with a smartphone can scan QR codes to access videos, augmented reality experiences and other online content right there in the store. Codes are added to label and packaging design similar to small graphics, but it’s important to clearly indicate what customers can expect from scanning a QR code. Encourage shoppers to interact with a brand by promoting a special discount or social media challenge. Just don’t forget to optimize your online content for mobile viewing.

Boost interaction with online promotions

Save label design space

Share product information conveniently


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Build brand awareness and hone your edge over the competition. Work with the label experts to attract attention from your target audience. We offer the familiarity of a local partner and the enhanced capabilities of a national provider. Explore information on other capabilities like:

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