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Weatherproof & water-resistant labels

Protect your industrial waterproof label from the toughest hazards.

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Labels exposed to the elements

To effectively communicate, your label must stand up to the various environments your product faces.

To get the right industrial weatherproof label, you’ll need the right solutions for all the elements of your label — face-stock material, inks, adhesive and finish.

We provide strong solutions for a variety of conditions, including direct exposure to water, humidity, light or sun; contact with chemicals or oils; rugged applications; harsh shipping and handling; rough product use; or extreme temperatures.

Stand up to wear and tear

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Withstand tough elements


Labels for a wide range of applications

The best weatherproof labels are made with the UV resistant face-stock materials, fade resistant inks, surface matched adhesives and UL-recognized UV resistant laminates. Our experienced team can design and print labels according to your specific environmental needs. Our engineered solutions adhere to anodized metal, acrylic, ABS &other plastics and powder coated metals.

Chemical and drum labels

Add durable, dependable labels to your chemical products.

Chemical labels come with regulatory and environmental challenges. We have the experience and capabilities to ensure label compliance and strength.

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Automotive labels

Our automotive labels stand up to sunlight with protection from UV fading, and protect from adhesive failure due to exposure to the elements.

The best automotive are durable enough to survive a complete use lifecycle and clear enough to communicate key information to consumers.

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Outdoor industrial equipment

We provide industrial grade product and equipment labels and nameplates for a broad range of applications.

From consumer tools and appliances to construction equipment, we provide long-lasting, fade-resistant labels and durable nameplates that prevent text & image fading and adhesive failure.

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Lawn equipment and irrigation

With rigorous use and constant exposure to the elements, particularly moisture, these labels require specific engineering.

Image fading and adhesive reliability are key considerations for lawn equipment and irrigation labels. To ensure performance, we match the required adhesive specification to the the equipment surface, including specialty adhesives for more textured surfaces.

Electrical equipment & generators

Our custom label solutions are designed and engineered specifically for each unique application and environment.

We offer a range of label stocks, adhesives, laminates and printing methods for products stored indoors and outside. Learn more about electronics labels, or consider our wide range of durable label solutions.

Solar equipment

UV resistant face-stocks, inks, laminates and adhesives are critical, as are water and weather protection– including extreme fluctuations between hot and cold.

Our solar panel labels are completely customizable and engineered to last years under exposure to heat and sunlight, rain, snow & ice, for & sea air.

Pumps & compressors

Quality pump and compressor labels are legible, cling to your equipment in various environments and survive condensation and moisture unchanged.

Whether your product is used in wet environments, refrigerators, freezers or extreme heat, we have the right label solution.


Our weatherproof label solutions and capabilities

At Resource Label Group, we have the extensive expertise and full-scale capabilities to deliver solutions for the best weatherproof label — one that fits your budget, meets your design needs and stands up to all the wear and tear it’ll face.

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Discover budget-friendly options for small and large orders

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Create weatherproof labels that meet your design needs

High quality

Find solutions for labels that stand up to wear and tear 

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