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Label and packaging security 

Proven protection for your brand with security labels

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Working with us

Anti-counterfeit and tamper solutions customized for peak security

Provide your customers proven protection with custom security labels and shrink sleeves. Brands across industries secure their products with Resource Label Group solutions including authenticity, cap closures and conventional tracking options like consecutive numbering or barcodes.


Layered security defenses

Discourage tampering by securing access points, whether it’s a plastic container or paper carton. Customers came to expect these measures after fatal Tylenol tampering spurred the creation of safety seals in the 1980s. Many brands decided there was no such thing as overkill, implementing multiple security measures including tamper-evident shrink wrap cap closures and pressure-sensitive cap bands. Brands also developed anti-counterfeiting measures like UV inks, invisible watermarks, as well as supply chain tracking and authenticity (RFID and NFC smart labels).

Tamper-evident security labels protect products like electronics in non-returnable packaging. They’re common for health and medical products, vitamins and supplements, nutraceutical products, tracking labels, and more. Destructible labels are made with a fragile vinyl or other materials that tear if someone attempts to open the package. These labels can be designed to display a tamper warning if the label is removed, so your customers won’t miss it.

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Access the capabilities of a national label provider with the care and attention of a local partner. We’ll work with you to find the best defenses for your products, from the time tested to cutting edge.