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Label roll dispensers

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Label roll dispensers allow for a more accurate label application every time and also speed up the labeling process. Label dispensers are machines that automatically remove a label from its backing, or liner. Then, typically, an operator manually takes the label and applies it to a product.

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Dispenser types

We carry three types of label dispensers:

  • A manual dispenser is a hand-operated machine, wherein an operator pulls the label roll around a plate, which separates the label from its backing.
  • Semi-automatic label dispensers speed up the label application process by automatically moving the roll of labels on the dispenser, using a sensor to start and stop the movement of the roll, allowing the operator to simply pick up and apply the label.
  • Fully automated systems are part of label applicators, which both dispense and apply the labels to products.


We’re a premier distributor of high-quality label roll dispensers

From small label dispensers to simple bottle-labelers and label applicators for bags and flat items, we offer a full line of dispensers to fit most every budget.


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